Arceus' Call Edit

"Our father, fallen from heaven,

Honoured be thy name,

Your kingdom born,

This world, forlorn.

The New World shall become thy heaven"

-- Arceus 7-1

Charge of the Faithful Edit

"So be it the duty of all, human and Pokemon alike:

Bestow light upon thy brethren;

give sight to the blind and life to the lost.

Arceus shall grant thee favours in the new world"

-- Arceus 12-3

In Worship of the Lord Edit

"Praise the Lord.

Worship the Lord.

Bequeath thy soul unto the Lord,

that he might cleanse thee of thy impurity.

All shall be white before the eyes of the Lord Arceus."

--  Arceus 16-5

Light's End Edit

"So kind was light to show us mercy,

that in its shade we festered heresy.

Twixt three stones, each shaded void,

six pillars shone, their truth deployed:

Emerald, Crimson, Violet, Gold,

Azure and Ivory seal as told.

Take heed of its prison, o ye foolish men,

For the blackest beast lies at light's end"

Rebirth and the New WorldEdit

"When one door closes, another opens.

And there shalt come a day, as foretold by the prophets of old,

and on that day, it shall come to pass:

Our world shall end.

Light shall consumeth all within its cleansing fires"

--Arceus 23-3

From its ashes, a new world shall begin. Nascor, Nasci, Natus, the Lord Arceus.  

Remnants of the New World Edit

"When our Lord Arceus had at last finished crafting the world from stardust,

what then should the divine do with the remnants of immateria?

These forgotten fragments of reality have been sealed away in the Sacred Land.

Behind stone doors, four pillars of light bind the New World to a shadow of our own.

Yet the sleeping legend remains.

The Lord Arceus shall come again.

The New World, too, shalt be Reborn"

-- Arceus 38-27

The Lord's Blessing Edit

"From the darkness,

From stardust,

From the memories of eons passed and visions of eons yet to come,

From these things did the Lord Arceus mold the heavens, the Earth and all that walk upon it."

-- Arceus 2-4

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