Weather is a condition that alters battles, as well as certain encounters.

Weather changes every day, based on the weather forecast seen while watching a television. It can be altered by returning to the Lower Peridot Ward.

Lag Pokémon Reborn seems... slow... in this... area...

Returning to the Opal Ward from a different weather will cause some lag as the game adjusts the weather animation, almost appearing like the game has frozen. After three seconds, the game should return to normal. Click here for more info on known issues.

Encounters that require clear weatherEdit

Peridot WardEdit

Obsidia WardEdit

  • Spoink will appear on the path to the Coral Ward

Onyx WardEdit

  • Pichu will appear in the rooftop garden

Jasper WardEdit

RainHarsh SunlightHailSandstormWindThunderstorm
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