For this you have to fund the Railnet Reconstruction project for 100.000. You can trade Probopass to gain a Togepi Egg in Coral Ward.

How to get Probopass

Go to the 1R253 Scrapyard to encounter Probopass (4% encounter).

However if you dont have access to the Scrapyard yet go to Apophyll Cave in this location
You will need to use Rock Smash inside the cave to get a Nosepass encounter, next go to Shade's Gym, go to the right and continue like so, you will need the Yureyu Key to continue which you can get by going through the hole in the wall that Saphira made in Tanzan Mountain, you will need the crystal key for green crystals and then you'll need to solve a puzzle in the Wasteland Wall which isn't that complicated, in the end getting a Field Read-Out 36 for the Inverse Field, the Yureyu Key and a Solosis.
Inside the room level up your Nosepass into Probopass and go into the Coral Ward.

Then go inside the building behind the sign at 10th Street Shantyport Street

Talk to the guy there and he'll tell you how he is in construction, supply delivery specifically and how difficult it is and how they can't use the help of Fighting-Types because of an Accident that happened before and that he found out probopass can manipulate metal magnetically and will ask you to help him.



He will trade you a Togepi Egg for the Probopass.

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