Only Available after restoring Reborn City

Go to the Spyce and talk to the Head Chef on the right

You will then need to collect 12 items: Honey, Tiny Mushroom, Balm Mushroom, Slowpoke Tail, White Herb, Stick, Sweet Heart, Moomoo Milk, Energy Root, Custap Berry, Whipped Dream, Shoal Salt.

  • You get Moomoo Milk by interacting with a Milktank on Route 1 while having an oran berry in your bag.
  • You get Sweet Heart by doing the Broken Heart Sidequest in the Onyx Trainer School.
  • You get Energy Root by buying it in Meganiums Shop Located in the Obsidia Ward close to the Department Store costing 800.
  • You get Custap Berry by buying it in the Department Store 10th Floor costing 1200.
  • You get Whipped Dream by buying it in the Sweet Kiss candy shop for 1000.
  • You get Slowpoke Tail by going to the Coral Ward andtalking to a fisherman in the south-west corner of the Ward, when he asks you to buy it for 500,000 say yes, you'll then tell him that you're delivering for the Spyce and he'll tell you the Spyce covers the cost so you wont lose any money
  • You get Honey by buying it in the Sweet Scent Flower shop in the Lapis Ward for 1000.
  • You get Tiny Mushroom by exploring and finding it around. (using the itemfinder makes it easier)
  • You get Shoal Salt by going to the Apophyll Beach, you'll find it laying around. (using the itemfinder makes it easier)
  • You get the Balm Mushroom in Jasper Jungle.
  • You get White Herb by buying it in the Department Store 4th Floor costing 1000.
  • You get the Stick by buying it on 7th street from the vendor on the South-west corner of the area for 200.

After you get everything talk to the chef he'll take the stuff and tell you to talk to the Head Chef, he will reward you with 2 Leftovers.

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