Located in the Pyrous Mountain next to the Apophyll academy.

First go here and push the boulder into the hole like so.

Then jump into the hole after it, the Tepig will be right next to the boulder interact with it and he'll get spooked and run away, after that go down and into the ladders on the right, you'll appear back at the beginning jump the ledge and go all the way to the right and down the ladders you'll appear to the left of this place (if this place is filled with lave go south and to the left there should be ladders down, after you go down them there should be a pillar to drain the lava like the others before)
Go down the stairs and to the left you'll reach a part where you need to push a Strength Boulder, after you do that the Tepig will be on the other side, speak to him once more and he'll run away a second time.

Next up go to the top of Pyrous Mountain he'll be where the Pulse Camerupt was many episodes ago.

Interact with it to battle it, Tepig will be Lvl 15.
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