ShopItem+ is a simplified take on the template Shopitem and offers greater currency choices and item configurations in addition to drastically improving the template's usability.


Normal item: {{ShopItem+|item=Fire Stone|cost=800}}
Bag Fire Stone Sprite.png Fire Stone

Pokémon: {{ShopItem+|dexnr=001|pkmn=Bulbasaur|coins=7000}}
001MS.png Bulbasaur
7000Bag 500 Coins Sprite.png

Custom item: {{ShopItem+|image=arcadestar|item=Super Rod|cost=123|d+=, |cupu=4|c+= & 3[[File:Bag_Leaf_Stone_Sprite.png]]}}
Arcadestar.png Super Rod
PokémonDollar.png123, 4File:Bag Cupu Berry Sprite.png & 5Bag Leaf Stone Sprite.png


Note: The keyword "ShopItem+" is case-sensitive.


There are 17 valid keywords:
  • Item keywords: image, item, #, dexnr, pkmn
  • Cost keywords: cost, coins, acai, bacu, cupu, guara
  • Style keywords: d+, cc+, a+, b+, c+, g+
The order in which these keywords are specified does not matter.

Item keywords

By default, using the "item"-keyword will load its equivalent bag sprite in the image slot.
If the item is not a bag item, the image has to be provided manually.
The image attribute should only contain the filename without the extension. The file must be a PNG.
There are two ways to add a Pokémon as a shop-item:
  • item="pkmnName"|image=IconXXX (XXX being its equivalent Pokédex number)
  • pkmn="pkmnName"|dexnr=XXX (no need to specify item and image)
The latter method is more intuitive, but less flexible.
Lastly, the #-keyword specifies how many copies of the item are being sold for the asking price.
The default is 1.

Cost keywords

Multiple different currencies can be used in any order.

Style keywords

These keywords allow you to customize the spaces between multiple currencies.
(Tip: You can add spaces by writing " ")
Each style attribute will position its contents after its equivalent currency if that currency is used:
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