Teknite Ridge is located in the north-west of the Tourmaline Desert.

In the game Edit

This place is accessed after obtaining the Amaranth Badge. You can access it north-west of Tourmaline Desert. Passing through the cave will lead you to Teknite Ridge. You can also come here using Rock Climb in Beryl Cave, but it brings you into an entirely different section.

Puzzle Edit

The cave prompts you to use certain moves to change the field constantly, you’ll need Bulldoze/Magnitude/Earthquake/Tectonic Rage, Power Gem/Diamond Storm, and Rock Smash to navigate further. You also need to use the crystal keys (the ones you use for Luna's gym) to progress through some areas. In addition, you also need Strength and Tailwind to fully explore the next area - Teknite Ridge.

The stones seem to shimmer with light: Use Power Gem or Diamond Storm to turn Cave to Crystal Cavern. The crystals glitter with fissures: Use Bulldoze, Magnitude, Earthquake, or Tectonic Rage to turn Crystal Cavern to Cave.

Special Encounters Edit

Lights Out Edit

Larvesta Special Encounter Edit

Head to Beryl Cave and use Rock Climb in the upper area. This will lead you all the way to Teknite Ridge. Go into the cave and you’ll be prompted to use a move. Use Dark Pulse in battle to change the field, then use Rock Smash to break into another area. In the area, you’ll have the opportunity to battle a Volcarona and later catch a wild Larvesta.

Pokemon Fulgor
Teknite Ridge
Bug Fire
Held item:
Bag Sitrus Berry Sprite Sitrus Berry
Volcarona/ Lv.95
Signal Beam
Bug Special
Heat Wave
Fire Special
Giga Drain
Grass Special
Quiver Dance
Bug Status
HP Atk Def SpA SpD Spe IVs
0 0 0 0 0 0 10

Items Edit

Item Location
Bag Dawn Stone Sprite Dawn Stone 2F, Upper left area (Requires Power Gem, Bulldoze, and Rock Smash)
24px TM84 (Poison Jab) 4F, Left of the waterfall in cave, use Power Gem in waterfall area (Requires Rock Smash and Bulldoze)

Pokemon Edit

Teknite Cave Edit

Pokémon Location Levels Rate
028MS Sandslash
Cave Cave
65-83 9%
051MS Dugtrio
Cave Cave
65-80 10%
304MS Aron
Cave Cave
65-80 20%
305MS Lairon
Cave Cave
65-80 10%
306MS Aggron
Cave Cave
70-90 1%
525MS Boldore
Cave Cave
65-80 20%
526MS Gigalith
Cave Cave
65-80 1%
631MS Heatmor
Cave Cave
65-83 20%
632MS Durant
Cave Cave
65-80 20%
776MS Turtonator
Cave Cave
65-83 9%
Special Pokémon
636MS Larvesta
Cave Cave
55 one

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