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Due to what seems to be an oversight, when the Teddiursa is near Poké Mart, it's also still near the factory. Click here for more info on known bugs.

The Teddiursa Sidequest is an early sidequest involving chasing Teddiursa over the Peridot Wards. The Teddiursa will appear only during daytime when it's clear weather; otherwise it won't be found anywhere on the map. Teddiursa is level 14 when you encounter it to catch it.

The chaseEdit

Teddiursa is first found in Lower Peridot Ward, just near the destroyed station and then runs off to place near the name rater's house. From that place, it can go to any of these eight places each time it runs:

  1. By the destroyed station in Lower Peridot
  2. By Mosswater Factory in Peridot
  3. Near Poké Mart in Peridot
  4. By the fountain in Peridot
  5. By the dumpsters in Lower Peridot
  6. In Seacrest's Garden
  7. Under the bridge in Opal (east along the tracks from Lower Peridot)
  8. inside elder seacrest's garden

After a while of chasing it, it will become catchable. If the player runs from it, it will move elsewhere by cycling through above places (though it will never reappear at the garden). Defeating it makes it lost forever.

Teddi 1
Teddi 2

Initial encounter

Teddi 3
Teddi 4
Teddi 5
Teddi l 3
Teddi loaction 2
Teddi location
Teddiursa location
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