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To eliminate this infestation!

To restore the art of God's own nation!

To break apart the world above!

To find what lies beneath truth and love!

Team Meteor!

Resonating with the eternal light!

Run away now, don't try to fight!

For justice! That's right!

Team Meteor are the primary antagonists of Pokémon Reborn.

In the gameEdit

Major Plot PointsEdit

Team Meteor is the cause of a number of disasters that strike the Reborn region. They are behind the bombing of the Peridot Train Station,as well as the overgrowth that spreads over the Obsidia, Jasper, and Beryl Wards, through the use of their PULSE Machines. They are also responsible for Reborn's economic state as they destroyed the mega-company Yueuru. It is possible they are also behind some of the environmental troubles of the region, as one of their bases, Mosswater Factory, causes a huge amount of water pollution, but their motives seem to suggest otherwise.


Team Meteor runs a number of schemes to steal trainers' Pokémon, such as breaking into homes at night or kidnapping the Day Care Couple and taking their place.

Notable MembersEdit

Aster & Eclipse Edit

  • Two recurring grunts (later aces) in Team Meteor.

ZEL Edit

  • Admin, heavily involved in the events surrounding PULSE Machines.

Taka Edit

  • Oddly friendly admin, Solaris' son.

Sirius Edit

  • Admin.

Solaris Edit

  • Boss and figurehead of Team Meteor.
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This article contains plot details about events that occur later in the game.

Corey Edit

  • Double agent, later committed suicide.

Dr. Sigmund Connel

  • Owner of the city orphanage.


  • Blind priest, member of the Elite Four, friends with Solaris.

Cal Edit

  • Ex-Gym Leader, indirectly got Kiki killed in Pyrous Mountain. Quits Team Meteor later.

Blake Edit

  • Brother of Cal.

Terra Edit

  • Gym Leader. Childhood friend of Lin, joined Team Meteor because she was bored.

Fern Edit

  • One of the player's main rival.

Lin Edit

  • True boss of Team Meteor.

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