The Tanzan Moutain is a mountain located in the Chrysolia Region.

Special EncountersEdit

Sun and Moon Part 2Edit

Slightly ahead of the entrance, there's a static Solrock or Lunatone the player can fight and catch, if they have PokeSnax.


Pokémon Location Levels Rate
027MS Sandshrew
Cave Cave
36-41 20%
074AMS Geodude
Cave Cave
37-40 20%
095MS Onix
Cave Cave
37-42 20%
352MS Kecleon
Cave Cave
37-46 14%
551MS Sandile
Cave Cave
30-35, 37 6%
714MS Noibat
Cave Cave
35-40 20%
Special Pokémon
337MS Lunatone
Stairs PokeSnax
40 One (50%)
338MS Solrock
Stairs PokeSnax
40 One (50%)

Tanzan DepthsEdit

Pokémon Location Levels Rate
024MS Arbok
Cave Cave
39-41 10%
028MS Sandslash
Cave Cave
38-42 14%
050MS Diglett
Cave Cave
39-42 10%
051MS Dugtrio
Cave Cave
40-42 5%
074AMS Geodude
Cave Cave
38-41 20%
075AMS Graveler
Cave Cave
38-41 10%
095MS Onix
Cave Cave
39-42 20%
449MS Hippopotas
Cave Cave
35-45 6%
632MS Durant
Cave Cave
38-45 5%


Trainer Pokémon
Meteorgrunt m
Meteor Grunt Devin
Double Battle with Sanchez
338MS Solrock Lv.44
No item
589MS Escavalier Lv.45
No item
076MS Golem Lv.46
No item
Meteorgrunt m
Meteor Grunt Sanchez
Double Battle with Devin
337MS Lunatone Lv.44
No item
617MS Accelgor Lv.45
No item
537MS Seismitoad Lv.46
No item

Pokemon Gargantuan
Tanzan Mountain
208 f
Steel Ground
Sheer Force
Held item:
Bag Sitrus Berry Sprite Sitrus Berry
Steelix Lv.75
Ground Physical
Stone Edge
Rock Physical
Dark Physical
Iron Head
Steel Physical
HP Atk Def SpA SpD Spe IVs
0 0 0 0 0 0 10


Item Location
Bag X Speed Sprite X Speed Hidden in the first rock as you enter
Bag Hyper Potion Sprite Hyper Potion Hidden in the rock at the end of the second dead-end, to the right
Bag Revive Sprite Revive Hidden in the third rock to the right of the first intersection
Bag Steel Gem Sprite Steel Gem Hidden in the fifth rock to the left of the first intersection
Bag Escape Rope Sprite Escape Rope Hidden in a rock in the large room, next to Charlotte
Bag Elixir Sprite Elixir At the end of the right path of the large room
Bag Ultra Ball Sprite Ultra Ball Hidden in the rock at the end of the middle top path of the large room
Bag Blue Shard Sprite Blue Shard Hidden in a rock in the corridor beyond the right steel gate
Bag Green Shard Sprite Green Shard Hidden in a rock in the corridor beyond the left steel gate
Bag X Sp. Atk Sprite X Sp. Atk Hidden in a rock beyond the door after the left steel gate
Bag Ice Heal Sprite Ice Heal Hidden in a top-left rock in the explosion area
Bag Revive Sprite Revive Hidden in the second rock before the exit above the explosion area


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