You can access the Tanzan Depths by using Rock Climb from the middle of the Lake in the Hidden Cove south of Charlottes House, upon entering it will say the ground is unstable.

By making the ceiling collapse using Earthquake or Bulldoze or any that can make the ceiling collapse will open another Rock Climb area with the Larvitar Special Encounter


Pokémon Location Levels Rate
024MS Arbok
Cave Cave
65-80 ???
028MS Sandslash
Cave Cave
64-84 ???
529MS Drilbur
Cave Cave
62-80 ???
530MS Excadrill
Cave Cave
85-89 ???
051MS Dugtrio
Cave Cave
68-77 ???
336MS Seviper
Cave Cave
65-85 ???
075AMS Graveler
Cave Cave
62-79 ???
095MS Onix
Cave Cave
64-80 ???
450MS Hippowdon
Cave Cave
74-80 ???
632MS Durant
Cave Cave
65-84 ???

Items Edit

Item Location
Bag Potion Sprite Potion Hidden in one of the rocks in the small passage, accessible next to Team Metoer's Base's entrance
Bag Metal Coat Sprite Metal Coat Starting from the entrance: At the end of the path leading north
Bag Thick Club Sprite Thick Club Starting from the entrance: North, then west, and enter the room. At the furthest down the stairs
Bag Up-Grade Sprite Up-Grade In the room past the iron pipes
  1. Super Repel
  2. Mining Rock
  3. Mining Rock
  4. Escape Rope
  5. Mining Rock
  6. Mining Rock
  7. PokeSnax
  8. PokeSnax
  9. Field Read-Out 33 for Flower Garden Field
  10. Mining rock
  11. Great Ball
  12. Mining Rock
  13. Stardust
  14. Yellow Shard
  15. Mining Rock
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