The Subseven Sanctum is a sanctum located in the 7th Street, accessible after the player finds Bennett buying items for the ritual in the 7th Street.

In the game Edit

After Luna has been kidnapped by El, Radomus suggests that the player should check out locations that has a relatively higher crime rate. The player can then talk to either Maxwell or Archer (depending if you joined the Magma gang or the Aqua gang) and he will grant you access to the 7th Street.

In the 7th Street, after talking to a few different merchants, the player will find Bennett. Bennett will invite the player inside the Subseven Sanctum. After the player enters the sanctum, Bennett reveals that it was all a bait and El orders the cultists to lock up the player.

Inside the dungeon, a NPC named Randall will offer the player keys to escape. The player must avoid all contact with any cultists otherwise the cultists will lock up the player again.

Once the player reaches the ritual area, Radomus reveals himself and commends his Gardevoir to teleport the other cultist away and crash the ritual. Afterwards El and Bennett leaves the area.

Later on, Luna will thank the player for saving her and gives the player a crystal key to enter the Iolia Valley.

Entries Edit

Rebirth and the New World
When one door closes, another opens. And there shalt come a day as foretold by the prophets of old, and on that day, it shall come to pass: Our world shall end.

"Light shall consumeth all within its cleansing fires."

-- Arcerus 23-3

From its ashes, a new world shall begin. Nascor, Nasci, Natus, the Lord Arceus.

Charge of the Faithful
So be it the duty of all, human and Pokemon alike:

"Bestow light upon thy brethren; give sight to the blind and life to the lost. Arceus shall grant thee favour in the new world."

-- Arceus 12-3

The Lord's Blessing
"From the darkness, from stardust, from the memories of eons passed and visions of eons yet to come, from these things did the Lord Arceus mold the heavens, the Earth, and all that walk upon it."

-- Arceus 2-4

In Worship of the Lord
Praise the Lord. Worship the Lord. Bequeath thy soul unto the Lord, that he might cleanse thee of thy impurity.

"All shall be white before the eyes of the Lord Arceus."

-- Arceus 16-5

Remnants of the New World
When our Lord Arceus had at last finished crafting the world from stardust, what then should be the divine do with the remnants of immateria? These forfgotten fragments of reality have been sealed away in the Sacred Land. Behind the nine doors, four pillars of light bind the New World to a shadow of our own. Yet, the sleeping legend remains.

"The Lord Arceus shall come again. The New World, too, shall be Reborn."

-- Arceus 38-27

Arceus' Call
"Our father, fallen from heaven, honored by thy name, your kingdom, born, this world, forlorn the New World shall become thy heaven."

-- Arceus 7-1

Light's End
So kind was light to show us mercy, that in its shade we festered heresy. Twixt three stones, each shaded void, six pillars shone, their truth deployed: Emerald, Crimson, Violet, Gold, Azure and Ivory seal as told. Take heed of its prison, o ye foolish men, for the blackest beast lies at light's end.
Untitled (El's diary)
Place faith in the Lord, and so shall he in you. Please animosity upon the Lord, and so shall he upon you. This lesson is not an easy one to learn. Some will never fully grasp it. Many will only pretend to. Today, I would like to share with you the story of how I came to learn this.

I was born to the purpose of Arceus, but I was born blind. Growing up as a boy with no sight in a world like this is no easy task, but of course, I learned to take care of myself. For some time, that was the only thing I could be proud of. My family was an old one, back from the days when Reborn City was no more than a village around a crater, both of which are since lost underground. When first Arceus' birthplace crashed upon our world, one family set about enshrining it. They would protect it from the world, so that its purity might remain ever intact. This was their life's calling. And this was not my family.

Mine came years later, and, finding light in their purpose, swore to serve that family. So it came to be that each generation of my house served theirs. Until it came to me, a defective blind child, who would do more harm than good as a servant. The man to whom I should have been sworn was born some ten years after me. His name was Solaris. He was a raucous youth, never quite satisfied with his life's charge of protecting an old monument. As I understood, for most of his life he resented this purpose, lashing out, as many of the youth do, against Arceus.

I could't understand his feelings. Why, I asked myself, if Arceus is so great, should he have made me this way? Why did I have to suffer? Why did I have to serve? As it turned out, Solaris would be the one to show me the answer. A failed vassal, I dared not approach him, and thought our fathers were close, mine never allowed me to see the young master as I was growing up. It was not until I was well into a miserable adulthood that we first met.

Solaris knew me, of course. He knew my family was due by lineage to serve his, and he had heard of the blind man, whom others had deemed unfit for his presence. And, as he did with all things, he rebelled. He offered his hand to me. I took it with an oath of servitude. This was not a chance I should have been given. So, I pushed myself as hard as I could to try and have value to my master. But both of us were lordless, lawless men. He had no purpose to serve but fighting his own, and we found common ground therein.

Nevertheless, Arceus would reach us eventually. For many years, Solaris questioned, "Just what does the meteor need to be protected from?" It was already locked up with the four crystal keys. And who would want to defile some old rock anyway? This was a lesson he learned the heard way, when his parents were both killed by as assailant seeking those very keys. The young master was too late to save them, but just in time to avenge them. So he bludgeoned the man who had claimed the keys until his arms were too battered to hold on to them anymore. And until his lips were too loose to keep secrets. "Why?!", Solaris cried, over and over.

The assailant would tell him rumous he had never believed, of a great power locked within the meteor, lying dormant for years. Whether it was true or not, the thief believed it, and so he grasped at it. "Why?!". Solaris continued to cry.

And so he said, on and on until daybreak, trashing against the culprit's body for long after there was any soul still there to know it. He was no longer asking anyone other than himself. Why had he refused to listen to his parents? Why had he not seen the danger they were in? Why could he not save them? And believing that he had led to the death of his own parents. For the first time, he strode forward to meet his life's purpose. The Lord will punish those who lack faith. This is what is to be learned from Solaris' tale. My own awakening came a number of years later.

When my master walked the path of the Lord, so naturally did I have to as well. I would follow my friend, but in regards to faith, my service was half-hearted. Solaris recognized this, and one day he confronted me about it. After some discussion, he offered the Emerald Key he should have himself vanguarded with his life, in return for my faith. He wished for me, not just to serve him, but to personally share his burden. I accepted this, and resolved to place every ounce of my trust in the Lord, and my friend.

When I awoke the next morning, the key was still clutched tightly against my chest, I was assaulted by a phenomenon I had never experienced before. Lights, dazzling colors, shapes so blurred I could scarcely recognize the forms I was so used to navigate around otherwise. Sight. Words cannot describe the feelings of seeing my Master's face for the first time. Or that seeing my own face. That of finally being able to really understood what worlds like 'golden' and 'light' meant. Before they were just dreams, but I knew that the Lord-- and my trust in him-- had made it real. The Lord will reward those with true faith.

It has been many years since then. I am constantly assaulted with sorrow and worry for the sake of my daughter, and for his son both. I do not wish them to receive any punishment as my friend did. I wish them both all the blessings of the Lord they have turned from. I fear, too, for each of you. Though less so, than for each of the heretics above. The city's miserable state is no doubt a result of it divergence from the Lord. Therefore, I implore you. Please trust in Arceus. Please, guide others to trust in Arceus. Under the Lord's light, may we all see bright futures.

Thank you.

Places of Interest Edit

Locked left room Edit

The left room of the maze can be unlocked by using the Sanctum Key which is the held item of Klefki from The Klefki Sidequest. The room contains Field Note 29 Holy Field, Dark Matter and the color order for the hidden room in the Beryl Library.

Side quests Edit

Deino Special Encounter Edit

See article: Deino Special Encounter

You must have completed the The Klefki Sidequest to obtain specific quest items. Then gather the two other Dark Materials in other locations specified in the Deino encounter link as well as a Soul Candle obtainable from the yellow haired guy on the bottom of 7th Street. Interact with the altar for Deino to appear.

Litwick Special Encounter Edit

You can encounter Litwick if you have a soul candle in your bag. Litwick will be encountered on the altar where Luna was bound to.

Pokémon Edit

Pokémon Location Levels Rate
Special Pokémon
607MS Litwick
Stairs Soul Candle at Altar
30 one
633MS Deino
Stairs 3 Dark Materials and Soul Candle at Altar
? one

Items Edit

Item Location
Bag Field Notes Sprite Field Notes Requires Sanctum Key, on the left room of the maze
24px Dark Material Requires Sanctum Key, on the left room of the maze

Trainers Edit

Trainer Pokémon
Cultist f
Cultist Brena
148MS Dragonair Lv.52
No item
372MS Shelgon Lv.52
No item
Cultist m
Cultist Wes
065MS Alakazam Lv.53
No item
Cultist m
Cultist Ezra
132MS Ditto/ Lv.56
No item
Cultist m
Cultist Kaidan
166MS Ledian Lv.51
No item
419MS Floatzel Lv.53
No item
Cultist f
Cultist Lyla
040MS Wigglytuff Lv.54
No item
Cultist m
Cultist Arcturus
783MS Hakamo-o Lv.54
No item
Cultist m
Cultist Tanner
628MS Braviary Lv.53
No item
Cultist f
Cultist Angela
669MS Flabébé Lv.51
No item
670MS Floette Lv.52
No item
186MS Politoed Lv.54
No item

Trivia Edit

  • Some of the cultists are previously grunts of Team Meteor.

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