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Starlight fills the battlefield.

Starlight Arena is a Field Effect that was released with Episode 16. It cannot be found anywhere in the game as of Episode 18.

Transitions from other Field Effects

A New World field will temporarily transform into a Starlight Arena if Gravity is used, and will permanently transform if Geomancy is used.

General Effects

  • Psychic attacks increase in base power to 1.5x
  • Fairy attacks increase in base power to 1.3x
  • Dark attacks increase in base power to 1.5x and deal additional Fairy damage

Abilities Affected

  • Victory Star boosts the base power of attacks used by the bearer and its allies by 1.5x, in addition to its 10% increase in accuracy
  • Marvel Scale is activated
  • Adaptability now functions the same as [[bulbapedia:Trace] (Ability)|Trace]]]
  • Illuminate will increase the bearer’s Special Attack when they are sent into battle
  • Pokémon with Shadow Shield take x0.5 decreased damage

Moves Affected

Moves that increase in base power to 1.5x

Moves that double in base power

Other Moves

Transitions to other Field Effects

This Field Effect is temporarily terminated by all weather except for wind, and is permanently terminated by Light that Burns the Sky.


The Magical Seed boosts Special Attack and applies Lunar Dance to the user.

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