Spinel Town
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Spinel Town
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Spinel Town
Chrysolia Forest
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Location of Spinel Town in Reborn.
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Spinel Town, located in the Chrysolia Region, next to the Chrysolia Forest and the Tanzan Mountain, is first accessible after obtaining the Venom Badge.

In the game Edit

The player first has access to Spinel Town when Noel asks the player to buy medicine for Anna. When the player attempts to enter the Pokemart, the Pokemart will be teleported to the roof of the gym. Outside the gym, the player will encounter Bennett for the first time. Bennett will inform Serra that a Pokemart has been teleported on top of their house.

Places of interest Edit

Missing Furniture Edit

In one of the houses, there will be a girl with a Kadabra. When the player enters the house for the first time, all of the furniture will disappear. The girl will then request the player to help her find her missing furniture.

The list of furniture and locations are:

  • A TV on the roof of a building directly underneath the fountain.
  • A bookshelf outside the museum.
  • A bookshelf on the bottom left room on the second floor of the gym.
  • A chair at the far bottom-right of the town.
  • A chair outside the gym.
  • A drawer on the room opposite the museum top floor.
  • A table inside the building directly above the fountain.
  • A bed inside the house beneath the girl's house.

When you return to the girl after finding all her furniture, she will tell you that the cabinet isn't hers but whatever. She will then gift the player an Exp. Share.

Spinel Town Museum Edit

The museum is located next to the Pokemon Center. The player can enter the museum anytime for a fee of 500 Pokedollars. On the top floor, there will be a fossil manic that will revive any fossils the player brings to him. An Eevium-Z can be found in a room behind the one the scientists are in.

Girl and Medicine Edit

There will be a girl sitting on a bench outside the Pokemon Center. When the player talks to her she will be teleported away. The player will be able to find her inside the Chrysolia Forest but she broke her leg. She requests the player to help her get some medicine. Once the player gives her the medicine, she will head back to the town.

When the player speaks to her again in the town, she will thank the player and award the player a Department Store Sticker.

Spinel Gym Edit

Main article: Spinel Gym

The seventh gym the player challenges, run by Serra.

 Special Encounters Edit

Vanillite Encounter

The room behind the one the scientists are in you get a level 15 Vanillite from the vending machine for 1000 Pokedollars.

PokéMart Edit

Items Edit

Item Location
Bag Good Rod Sprite Good Rod In the bottom left house
24px TM15 (Hyper Beam) Part of the Mega-Z Ring sidequest, reward for beating McKrezzy
Bag Eevium Z Sprite Eevium Z Top floor of Museum

Pokémon Edit

Trainers Edit

Trainer Pokémon
Acetrainer m
Ace Trainer McKrezzy
727MS Incineroar Lv.83
Held icon Assault Vest
121MS Starmie Lv.85
Held icon Damp Rock
348MS Armaldo Lv.85
Held icon Passho Berry
139MS Omastar Lv.86
Held icon Focus Sash
330MS Flygon Lv.86
Held icon Muscle Band
398MS Staraptor Lv.87
Held icon Fightinium Z

McKrezzy gives the player TM15 Hyper Beam after defeating him in battle.

Trivia Edit

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