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Revenge is a dish that is best served now.

Saphira Belrose is the twentieth and final Gym Leader of the Reborn region, as well as the older sister of Laura and Charlotte. She specializes in the Dragon-type, although she cannot yet be fought as of the game's most recent update.

Saphira is shown as a enbittered young woman with a extreme thirst for revenge on those, who she deems her enemies. Though labelled as a coldblooded killer, who will recklessly murder any obstable in her way, this is mostly out of love for her two younger sisters than her own joy. Despite her "stoic" behavior, she deeply cares for her family and would go on great lenghts to protect them and put them above her own needs, often putting herself in harm.

In the game

When the player first arrives in the Lapis Ward, Saphira can be seen talking to herself outside the City Orphanage - if the player interacts with her, she apologizes before leaving without introducing herself.

Later, when the player is about to battle Noel outside of Belrose Mansion, Saphira flies in on her Dragonite and interrupts to announce that Dr. Connal and Team Meteor have joined forces and are advancing toward the house. She then instructs Anna, Charlotte, Shelly and Noel to get inside, tasking Laura and the player with defending the house before going to fight Team Meteor on her Dragonite.

From here, the game can split into 4 paths, which vary from Laura, Charlotte and Shelly, Noel and Anna, or Saphira herself being captured by Team Meteor. Regardless of the choice, Saphira will hijack the security from the inside of the Team Meteor's base in Tanzan Mountain and follow the player into the room with PULSE Abra before being teleported to the Tanzan Depths.

After the player is teleported to Tanzan Depths by Team Meteor's PULSE Abra, Saphira speaks to the player from the bottom of a chasm, guiding them through the area until they battle Gargantuan Steelix, the source of the earthquakes. Once the player defeats the Steelix, it crashes into the chasm where Saphira mounts the Pokemon, using it to break through to the upper levels of the mountain once more.

Once out of Tanzan Depths, Saphira tells the player to deal with Team Meteor, informing them that she plans to use the wild Steelix to dig through the outside of the mountain in order to break the kidnapped children out (or if captured, bring Laura back to Tanzan Cove and then destroy the base by herself) - on the outside, however, Lin confronts Saphira on her Hydreigon, using it to knock Saphira and the Steelix out of the sky.

Saphira is briefly suspected to be dead after the incident, but is confirmed to have survived the fall when she meets the player as they continue north through Tanzan Mountain, where she gives the player the Ruby Ring and the Amethyst Pendant for safekeeping. She leaves the player to travel solo while she relocates everyone to Calcenon City.

Saphira next appears on her Dragonite at Route 3 after a mysterious blast from above renders the path to Calcenon City unusable. She tells the player - along with Aya, Cain and Hardy - that the blast was caused by Team Meteor's PULSE Clawitzer, and that they should instead try to reach the city via the eastern entrance.

When the player finally arrives in Calcenon City, Saphira can be seen waiting in front of the barrier created by Team Meteor's PULSE Mr. Mime along with Hardy, who confronts Fern.


The only Pokemon Saphira is known to have is her Dragonite.


Trainer sprite VS sprite Overworld sprite


  • Saphira is named after a dragon from Eragon.

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