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Ringmaster (Alistasia) is the ringmaster of the Agate Circus after her father passed away.

 In the game Edit

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Ringmaster is first met at Agate Circus trying to calm the nerves of a crowd after Aya lands in the circus and Hardy is seen flying over the circus. She introduces herself to the player and explains that they are in bad position as they can't gain any business from Agate or Reborn City while Agate City is currently hazardous. She explains that Aya is in the back room of the tent and tells the player to let Samson show them the way.

Ringmaster also tells the player that not just any ordinary person can challenge the Agate Ace Triumvirate, but rather they will need a battle pass that can be won from circus games or other events (although the player will be given the passes regardless if they play any of the games later on).

 Trivia Edit

  • On Amethyst's Youtube channel, it's confirmed that Ringmaster's real name is Alistasia

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