Reborn City is the main and largest city in the Reborn Region. It has been hit with numerous disasters and polluted water, which resulted in many people leaving. However, some challengers visit here to beat Reborn league, which is ran by Ame.

Peridot Ward Edit

The Peridot Ward used to be a lovely place, but it is now polluted and known as dangerous, home to many street thugs. It is split into two sections.

Mosswater Factory Edit

The factory that was somehow responsible for the train blowing up, which contains Team Meteor.

Blacksteam Factory Edit

The factory responsible for polluting the Azurine Lake.

Neo-Circuit Power Plant Edit

The Neo-Circuit Power Plant is the 1st gym in the game, lead by Julia.

Opal Ward Edit

The Opal Ward is a small ward to the east of Peridot Ward. It is home to the registration hall.

Grand Hall Edit

You get your starter Pokémon here and meet your rival Cain and Victoria as you sign up for the Reborn league. Many trainers can be challenged here daily.

Obsidia Ward Edit

The biggest ward in Reborn City. Home to the infamous slums, Sweet Kiss Candy Shop, Devon Corporation, and the Reborn Nightclub. It is split into three sections.

Obsidia Department StoreEdit

Reborn City's own department store, you must collect stickers to reach more levels.

Yureyu BuildingEdit

An old building that broke down when earthquakes hit Reborn City.

Grand Stairway Edit

Connects Obsidia Ward and Reborn City to the countryside. There seems to be a hidden secret under here...

Onyx Ward Edit

Has the game corner, Trainers' School and the 2nd gym.

Onyx Trainer's School Edit

Contains the 2nd Gym, lead by Florinia.

Coral Ward Edit

A small seaside ward, with not much to do. An abandoned gym is seen here. Battles here take place on Misty Terrain.

Jasper Ward Edit

Has many issues with plants, and it is blocked off for large parts of the game.

Malchous Forest Edit

A forest west of Jasper Ward.

Beryl Ward Edit

Home to the 3rd gym, lead by Corey. It also contains the Beryl Library and Beryl Cemetery.

Rhodochrine Jungle Edit

A jungle west of Beryl Ward, and is home to some Nuzleafs.

Beryl Cave Edit

A small cave north of Beryl Ward.

Abandoned Power Plant Edit

Technically part of Adventurine Region, and is home to the 5th gym, lead by Shade. The building used to be the power plant for Yureyu Building and Reborn City before it shut down.

Lapis Ward Edit

Home to the 4th gym, lead by Shelly. Is also considered the richest ward in Reborn City.

7th Street Edit

An infamous black market, home to criminals of all sorts.

City Orphanage Edit

A city orphanage operated by Dr. Sigmund Connal.

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