Rain is one of the weather conditions. It can be summoned by the move Rain Dance for five turns (8 if the user is holding a Damp Rock) or the ability Drizzle.

In-battle effect Edit

Abilities affected by Rain Edit

  • Pokémon with the ability Swift Swim will have their Speed doubled.
  • Pokémon with Rain Dish will regain 1/16 of their maximum HP at the end of every turn.

Encounters affected by Rain Edit

Most encounters that require rain may also be found during a thunderstorm.

Opal WardEdit

Lower Peridot WardEdit

  • Tynamo in the alleyway (Thunderstorm only)
  • Numel in front of the train station (After beating Julia)

Peridot WardEdit

Coral WardEdit

  • Lotad will appear on the docks

Apophyll BeachEdit

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