Start by going to Coral Ward and diving behind this Lighthouse


After diving you will reach this area

  • Object 1 is a Moon Ball
  • Object 2 is an Elixir

Continue through the opening to an area to use dive in again, after that you will be inside the lighthouse you dived behind in, by going up the ladder you will reach a room with the Coral Key and an Electirizer which can be used for the Elekid Special Encounter.

After that leave the lighthouse and go back to the Coral Ward and surf up to the lighthouse just north of the previous one, after interacting with the door while having the Coral Key in your bag the door will unlock leading to a dive area.

After Diving you will reach an area where you will have a double battle with:

  • Huntail Lvl 76
  • Gorebyss lvl 76

After that Popplio will be thankful and will want to go with you.

There is a King's Rock hidden in the rock above the TM68 Giga Impact

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