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Where to find it

Pikachu can be obtained in the South Adventurine Woods, by Headbutting any of the trees in the forest area of the woods. There are a total of 13 trees, all with a 16% chance of having a pikachu. Some trees are very easy to find, others are locked away in the maze of all hell that the woods control.

Glitch City
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Volt Tackle

In the Adventurine Woods there is an area where you will find a house, and to the left of it, 2 berry patches where you can grow your own berries of you have the Wailmer Pail but the way to get Volt Tackle is by entering the house and talking to the very obvious glowing electrocuting pikachu sitting in the back of the house connected to a computer. If you talk to it and have a pikachu on your team, you can teach it the move volt tackle.