The Onyx Ward is the fifth ward you will pass through in your journey through the Reborn region.


Places of interest

Onyx Arcade

Full of adults gambling their money away and students distracting themselves from their upcoming tests, as well as various fourth wall breaks. (Have you ever heard of Pokémon Reborn?) After obtaining a Coin Case, various prizes can be bought for coins.

Coin Vendor
Bag 50 Coins Sprite 50 Coins

Bag 500 Coins Sprite 500 Coins

TM Prizes
Bag TM45 Attract Sprite TM45 Attract
1000Bag 500 Coins Sprite

Bag TM42 Facade Sprite TM42 Facade
4000Bag 500 Coins Sprite

Bag TM90 Substitute Sprite TM90 Substitute
7000Bag 500 Coins Sprite

Pokémon Prizes
218MS Slugma
1000Bag 500 Coins Sprite

032MS Nidoran♂
3000Bag 500 Coins Sprite

403MS Shinx
5000Bag 500 Coins Sprite

The Pokémon received are at level 20.

Signpost Trainer Tips!

Not only does Slugma come with a super-effective move for 5/6 of Florinia's team, it also has an ability that will hatch eggs faster-and it's cheap enough to be bought with the coins hidden in the arcade!

A lottery can be entered to the left of the prize desk. The prizes are as follows:

Digits that match Prize
Last digit Bag Full Restore Sprite
Last two digits Bag Max Revive Sprite
Last three digits Bag PP Up Sprite
Last four digits Bag Exp. Share Sprite
All five digits Bag Master Ball Sprite

Over a thousand coins can be found hidden throughout the Arcade.

Note: The hidden coins must be approached from the direction shown

  • 235 coins
  • 40 coins
  • 20 coins
  • 30 coins
  • 30 coins
  • 10 coins
  • Gives 130 coins
  • Gives 300 coins
  • Gives 200 coins, 55 hidden coins
  • 115 coins
  • 11 coins

Onyx Trainer's School

Main article: Onyx Trainer's School

A top school for trainers, as well as the second gym of the Reborn region.

Move Tutors House

To the far left as the player enters the Onyx Ward is the home of a Move Tutor, who has misplaced her House Key.

Rooftop Garden

After making your way through the school, an apologetic student in the hotel next to the arcade will open the way to the rooftop garden, which holds a number of Pokémon.

Special Encounters

Specialty of the Day Care!

In the apartment directly left of the arcade, a young girl asks the player to investigate the strange behavior of the Day Care Couple of the Obsidia Ward. After the player has rescued the couple (or just speaking again to the girl if the player has already done so), she will thank them for their troubles and give them an egg.

Lillipup on the Lam

After finding Lillipup in all of its locations (beginning in the South Obsidia Ward), Lillipup will reunite with its owner in the Onyx Ward. Its owner decides he can't keep up with it anymore, and asks you to take care of it.

The Perfect Day for a Rooftop Stroll

On clear days, a Pichu can be found in the rooftop garden with PokeSnax in the bag, and will attack the player.

Signpost Trainer Tips!

At level 9, it's not likely Pichu will be able to take a hit from your main party of Pokémon. Bring some lower-level Pokémon along, or try to confuse it so it will deal damage to itself.


Trainer Pokémon
Arcade Star Jacee
152MS Chikorita Lv.16
No item
077MS Ponyta Lv.16
No item
Youngster m
Youngster Baxter
054MS Psyduck Lv.17
No item
403MS Shinx Lv.17
No item
Punk f
Punk Ginelle
298MS Azurill Lv.18
No item
Hotshot m
Hot Shot Joel
458MS Mantyke Lv.17
No item
629MS Vullaby Lv.17
No item
Arcade Star Tammy
060MS Poliwag Lv.17
No item
Hotshot m
Hot Shot Blaine
278MS Wingull Lv.17
No item
158MS Totodile Lv.17
No item
276MS Taillow Lv.17
No item


Pokémon Location Levels Rate
Rooftop Garden
069MS Bellsprout
Garden Garden
16-20 ??%
402MS Kricketune
Garden Garden
??? ??%
016MS Pidgey
Garden Garden
??? ??%
021MS Spearow
Garden Garden
16-17 ??%
519MS Pidove
Garden Garden
16-19 ??%
520MS Tranquil
Garden Garden
15-19 ??%
048MS Venonat
Garden Garden
16-20 ??%
Special Pokémon
331MS Cacnea
Egg Egg
1 50%
086MS Seel
Egg Egg
1 50%
506MS Lillipup
Item Ball Gift
15 50%
172MS Pichu
Bag PokeSnax Sprite Pokesnax
9 100%


Item Location
Bag PokeSnax Sprite PokeSnax Hidden in rock next to Move Tutor's house
Bag Carbos Sprite Carbos Hidden in near Punk Ginelle

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