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North Obsidia Ward
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North Obsidia Ward
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Interactive Map Location of North Obsidia Ward in Reborn.

The North Obsidia Ward is the northern area of the Obsidia Ward. It is accessible through the Opal Ward.


Places of interest

The Reborn Nightclub

The Reborn Nightclub is a nightclub operated by DJ Arclight and is only open to the elite members.

Note: The Nightclub will become accessible in Episode 19 and function as a Battle Tower.

Magma Gang Hideout

The Magma Hideout is located in an alley next to the nightclub.

If the player joins the Magma Gang, they will first have to go through a trial. If the player defeats the two magma members, they will welcome the player to the Magma Gang. The player will then have to complete certain quests in order to grant access to the 7th Street.

If the player joins the Aqua Gang, in one of the quests the player has to raid the Magma Gang and defeat their leader. After defeating the leader, the Magma Gang disbands.

The Spyce

The Spyce is a restaurant at the far right of the North Obsidia Ward.

Grand Stairway

Main article: Grand Stairway

A giant stairway in the center of the region. Gets a hole blown it it by Team Meteor to access the giant cavern underneath.


Item Location
24px Zinc Space 2 spots down the middle between the 2 lamps by Opal Bridge entrance (Hidden)
24px Ether Space 2 spots left and 1 spot up from Castelia Street and Grand Gates and Opal Bridge sign at Castelia Street (Hidden)
24px X Sp. Def Space right the rock right the Move Deleter house at Castelia Street (Hidden)
Super Potion.png Super Potion Rock left the Move Deleter house at Castelia Street (Hidden)
24px [[Synthetic Seed|Synthetic Seed]] Rock end of 8th Street (Hidden)
24px Ability Capsule Rock end of 9th Street (Hidden)
24px [[Telluric Seed|Telluric Seed]] Inside the apartments at Castelia Street
24px [[Chewing Gum|Chewing Gum]] Space above the crack left the apartments at Castelia Street (Hidden)
24px Great Ball Rock bellow the Nightclub at Castelia Street (Hidden)
24px Rock Gem Rock at the left tip of the giant crack in the grand stairs at the Grand Gates (Hidden)
Common Candy.png [[Common Candy|Common Candy]] space 3 spots right and 3 spots down the entrance to Lapis Ward at Lumiose Street (Hidden)
Link Stone.png [[Link Stone|Link Stone]] from the Silph Co. Salesman after Shelly's battle for 10000$
24px Full Incense The Spyce; In the trash pin (Hidden)
24px [[Red-Hots|Red-Hots]] Magma Hideout; Box at the bottom side (Hidden)
24px [[X Attack|X Attack]] Magma Hideout; Box at the top left, after Team Magma is gone (Hidden)


Left clerk
200 200
Pokémon Dollar0
300 300
Pokémon Dollar0
350 350
Pokémon Dollar0


  Pokémon     Location     Levels     Rate  
Morning Day Night
Magma Gang Hideout
261.png Poochyena
Alleyway Alleyway
23-28 20%
262.png Mightyena
Alleyway Alleyway
22-27 2%
677.png Espurr
Alleyway Alleyway
24-27 13%
734.png Yungoos
Alleyway Alleyway
23-26 20%
434.png Stunky
Alleyway Alleyway
22-27 25%
568.png Trubbish
Alleyway Alleyway
23-27 20%
Event Pokémon
570.png Zorua
Event Event
30 one

Pokémon Events and Sidequests

North Obsidia Trade Event

There is a man in an apartment complex who offers to trade one of his prized Pokémon in exchange for a Sunkern. The Pokémon given is random and includes Carbink, Cryogonal, Furfrou, Mime Jr. or Stantler.

Houndour Sidequest

If you joined magma gang, after completing the mission Steal Buizel, the leader will plan a surprise attack against Aqua gang and the player will have to defeat the other leader. Finishing the mission, the Magma gang Leader will give you a Houndour.

Zorua Sidequest

After meeting Shelly in Lapis Ward, you can find Corey on the rooftop of an apartment building (Accessible by elevator inside) to the left of the PokéMart in the Beryl Ward on a clear night. The next encounter will be in the Peridot Ward ,right above the PokéMart near theJasper Ward entrance, still on a clear night. You can then finally find Corey in the apartment directly to the left of the Magma Gang Hideout in the Northern Obsidia Ward. You will then be able to fight and capture "Corey", who is actually a Zorua.


After Defeating Corey

Trainer Pokémon
After Defeating Corey
Arcade Star Akemi
Arcade Star Akemi
Reward: Pokémon Dollar240
209.png Snubbull Lv.F
Held icon.png 24
80px 764 Lv.Comfey
Held icon.png F
Street Rat Waldon
Street Rat Waldon
Reward: Pokémon Dollar50
285.png Shroomish Lv.M
Held icon.png 25
80px 449 Lv.Hippopotas
Held icon.png M
80px None Lv.388
Held icon.png Grotle
After Defeating Shelly
Casanova Daniel
Casanova Daniel
Reward: Pokémon Dollar896
292.png Shedinja Lv.N
Held icon.png 31
80px 633 Lv.Deino
Held icon.png F
Elder Yagami
Elder Yagami
Reward: Pokémon Dollar832
363.png Spheal Lv.F
Held icon.png 32
If Player Joined The Magma Gang
Magma Gang Nihil
Magma Gang Nihil
Reward: Pokémon Dollar???
037.png Vulpix Lv.F
Held icon.png 31
80px 218 Lv.Slugma
Held icon.png F
80px None Lv.228
Held icon.png Houndour
Magma Gang Kriz
Magma Gang Kriz
Reward: Pokémon Dollar???
322.png Numel Lv.M
Held icon.png 31
80px 653 Lv.Fennekin
Held icon.png M
80px None Lv.228
Held icon.png Houndour
If Player Joined The Aqua Gang
Magma Gang Nihil and Magma Gang Kriz
Magma Gang Nihil and Magma Gang Kriz
Reward: Pokémon Dollar448
322.png Numel Lv.B
Held icon.png 31
80px 037 Lv.Vulpix
Held icon.png B
80px None Lv.228
Held icon.png Houndour
80px 32 Lv.None
Held icon.png 228
80px B Lv.32
No item
653.png Fennekin Lv.B
Held icon.png 31
Magma Kingpin Maxwell
Magma Kingpin Maxwell
Reward: Pokémon Dollar1440
038.png Ninetales Lv.F
Held icon.png 41
80px 005 Lv.Charmeleon
Held icon.png F
80px None Lv.229
Held icon.png Houndoom

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