Mirror, mirror, on the field,

Who shalt this fractured power wield?


Mirror Arena is one of the Field Effects. It is the field on which Serra fights.

General Effects[edit | edit source]

  • Missing a physical contact move causes recoil damage equal to 1/4 of the user’s HP
  • Critical hit rate is boosted for each buff to the attacker’s evasion/accuracy and each lowering of the target’s evasion/accuracy.
  • Pokémon holding Bright Powder or Lax Incense have their evasion boosted when sent out

Reflections[edit | edit source]

Special moves that are single-target and noncontact have a chance to reflect off the field if they miss, and hit the target anyways. (See here for a full list) With the following moves, reflection will double their power:

Abilities Affected[edit | edit source]

  • Illuminate lowers opponents’ accuracy when the bearer is sent out.
  • Magic Bounce raises evasion on a successful bounce

Abilities that raise evasion when the bearer is sent out[edit | edit source]

Moves Affected[edit | edit source]

Moves that increase in power by 1.5x and gain perfect accuracy[edit | edit source]

Other Moves[edit | edit source]

Transitions to other terrains[edit | edit source]

The mirror arena shattered!

The following moves will shatter the mirrors, terminating the field effect and damaging all Pokémon on the field:

Similar to the collapse of a cave, Pokémon behind Protect, Wide Guard, or Spiky Shield, as well as Pokémon with Shell Armor or Battle Armor, are immune. Pokemon using moves that leave them in a semi-invulnerable turn (such as Fly, Dig, etc) avoid shatter damage when applicable.

Seed[edit | edit source]

The Synthetic Seed boosts Evasion by two stages.

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