The Mysidia Railcave is a hidden cavern located to the east of the Chrysolia Forest.

The path is accessible if you go on a windy or clear day. You can also access it after stopping the cause of the teleportations in Chrysolia.

In the game Edit

This cave is a maze that has a specific path you need to go through to reach the end of the cave. In order to do that, you need to either go to path without a rail, or you need to go through the 2 rocks near the path. These lead you to two different rooms. You can restart the puzzle by exiting down.

Captain's Log Edit

Part 1

Day Unknown.

I've been unsuccessful thus far in navigating this hellish cave. Despite the rails-- Despite the stone markings I've tried to leave-- Despite carefully recording my passages through this place-- I'm baffled. Utterly and completely... I felt relocating here would be a leap towards progress to finding my way home. Instead I feel I've entrenched myself in the prison of this place. 

Progress has once again teased me with her coy secudtion. In my continual stumbling through the labyrinth, I found nestled into the wall, a large stone door. Of course, I could not open it. That would be too easy, wouldn't it? Nonetheless, I marked the trail and will return to investigate in the future. With any fortune, I'll make it through soon, as my food stock is lacking. 

Part 2

Day Unknown.

I have yet to be successful in making it through the stone door, wither by clever mechanic, brute force or simply digging beyond it. I don't know what kind of magic seals it. I do know that I am weak. I am thin, and exhausted-- physically, mentally, emotionally. I've clung to hope to reach Orre again for far too long. If anyone finds this-- Please apologise to my girl Snow for me. And her gift-- I would ask someone look after the Pokemon. I will rot away here, but it doesn't need to.

This is Captain Florence, signing out. Good night. 

Pokémon Edit

Pokémon Location Levels Rate
027MS Sandshrew
Cave Cave
36-41 10%
075AMS Alolan Graveler
Cave Cave
37-40 20%
095MS Onix
Cave Cave
37-41 10%
220MS Swinub
Cave Cave
33-39 5%
235MS Smeargle
Cave Cave
35-45 6%
352MS Kecleon
Cave Cave
35-45 29%
714MS Noibat
Cave Cave
37-40 20%
Special Pokémon
133MS Eevee
Item Ball Gift
5 one

Special Encounter Edit

Lost Pokemon Edit

If you go through the path without the rail, you will find in the end an Eevee and a log book.

Items Edit

Item Location
Bag Field Notes Sprite Field Notes: Psychic Terrain At the end of cave where you go through two rocks
24px TM100 (Confide) At the end of cave where you go through two rocks
Bag Ability Capsule Sprite Ability Capsule At the end of cave where you go through two rocks (Hidden)

Trivia Edit

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