Numbers will not help.

Tactics will not help.

Friends will not help.

Nothing beats pure, unbridled power.


Fall before me.


Lin is the real leader of Team Meteor.

In the gameEdit

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This article contains plot details about events that occur later in the game.
Lin is first encountered in Team Meteor's base in Tanzan Mountain, where it is revealed that she, and not Solaris, is the leader of the organization. She takes to the skies on her Hydreigon to stop the attack on the mountain from Saphira and Gargantuan Steelix, causing Saphira to fall from the peak of the mountain.

After the city has been rebuilt, the player encounters her at Devon, after defeating Arclight in a penalty game. Lin is shown to be fighting Ame. Her Hydreigon defeats Ame's Alolan Ninetails and then procedes to decapitate Ame. The player is forced to watch as this happens.

She is later found in Titania's Gym trying to take the Sapphire Bracelets from the player. Titania eventually stabs her through her armour and chest with her Aegislash, seemingly killing her. However, after the player defeats Titania, Lin appears, alive, and talks to the player about good and bad choices.

She is later found in Agate City (after the city is freed from the PULSE-Hypno's sleeping power), leading an assault on the city. She is looking for something "powerful". The player, defeating Solaris, follows her under Agate City, underwater, where she apparently creates a pillar-like unknown object, upon a giant cog. As she creates that, she tells the player only a god has the power to do so, indicating she might be one. She then bring the pillar outside, and flees with it on her Hydreigon, but not before sending Samson (Or Ciel if the player gave Blake the Ruby Ring) inside a black hole, thanks to a Gardevoir.

Pokémon Edit

The only Pokemon currently known are Hydreigon and Gardevoir.


Trainer sprite VS sprite Overworld sprite

Trivia Edit

  • Lin's death was in one of the four image to be seen in Shade's Gym, the other three being Corey's suicide, Kiki's death, and Amaria's suicide attempt. This is the only image that hasn't happened in the game yet.
  • Lin is Narcoleptic
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