The Lillipup Sidequest is an early sidequest involving chasing Lillipup across wards. It's similar in nature to the Teddiursa sidequest.

The chaseEdit

To begin it, player has to talk to Lillipup's owner in South Obsidia Ward. After that, it will be found in one of these places at random:

  1. At the pier in Coral Ward
  2. Near the chasm in Obsidia Ward
  3. On the train tracks under Opal Bridge
  4. Near Tourmaline Gate in Peridot Ward
  5. In the northwest corner of Peridot Ward

Once the player finds it, it will run to one of the other places. Once found a second time, it will run to Onyx Ward where it can be found with its owner, who decides that he's not good enough to take care of it and gives it to player. The Lillipup comes with one of the elemental fangs right off the bat.

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