Location Player's Pokémon NPC's Pokémon Nickname Held item Original Trainer
Peridot Ward 400MS Bibarel 517MS Munna Shimmer None Greg
Obsidia Ward 162MS Furret 351MS Castform Meteo None Dr.Weatherly
Nature Center 206MS Dunsparce 236MS Tyrogue Junior None Anderson
North Obsidia Ward 191MS Sunkern 439MS Mime Jr. Penta None Irving
Spinel Town 588MS Karrablast 616MS Shelmet Bugsleigh None James
Spinel Town 616MS Shelmet 588MS Karrablast Bugsington None James
Chrysolia Forest 414MS Mothim 328MS Trapinch Anura None Monthelm
Chrysolia Forest 211MS Qwilfish 446MS Munchlax Mr.Bumbles None Emmy
Agate Circus Checkpoint 618MS Stunfisk 037MS Vulpix Guardian None Naini
Apophyll Academy 370MS Luvdisc 554MS Darumaka Wish None Lizzy
  • The Trade for Darumaka in Apophyll Academy becomes unavailable after you restore Reborn City
  • The Trade in Chrysolia Forest only happens after the house gets transported there.
  • A kid in Ametrine City will give you Old Amber for a Pidove.
  • After rescuing all the police oficers and getting a growlithe if you give a growlithe egg to the police officer in the far bottom right of the police station he'll give you a random egg of 18: Azurill, Mareanie, Staryu, Togepi, Sneasel, Shroomish, Ghastly, Axew, Vullaby, Pawniard, Phantump, Drilbur, Cottonee, Vulpix, Elekid, Starly, Rockruff or Larvesta.
  • If you give a woman in a lab in 7th street a Carvanha, an Unfezant and a Luxray she creates Type:Null which you'll then have to battle where you can capture or kill it.
  • In 7th Street there is a person inside a house (you must have the Helix Fossil for him to offer you the trades) he'll first ask you to give him Farfetch'd (pokemon needs to be in the front of the party) for the Sail or Jaw fossil then he'll ask for Pidgeot for either the Sail or Jaw fossil again, he will then ask for the helix fossil which you can give for one of the two fossils again.
  • After restoring the Azurine Nature Center, a woman will be standing outside who will trade you a Chimchar egg in exchange for a Delibird.
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