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What is Pokémon Reborn?

Pokémon Reborn is a fangame created by Amethyst in RPG Maker XP and Pokémon Essentials. Originally based on the events and characters of an in-community online league, it has since developed into an expansive game that even inspired other fangames like Pokémon Rejuvenation, Pokémon Desolation, Pokemon Empire and Pokémon Redemption. This wiki is user-maintained and strives to list everything to know about Pokémon Reborn.

Please be aware that Pokémon Reborn does contain sensitive content that may be triggering for some players. Efforts are taken to alert Wikia readers of potential triggers, but caution is still advised.

WARNING: This wiki is currently still being updated for e19.

Unique Features

  • Field Effects - Drawing inspiration from the anime, Field Effects offer an exciting new side to battles that can lead to fun and unusual strategies! They can be thought of as an extension of the ideas touched on by the main series games with weather and terrains and Pledge moves.
  • An Expansive Adventure - All 807 Pokémon through Generation 7 can be found in-game without trading. All 21 starters are available, and the upcoming journey spans across 18 Gym Battles, one for every type, and then a little more beyond that...
  • Special Encounters - Pokémon in the Reborn region don't have as many grassy areas to hide in, so not many are found the usual way. That doesn't mean you get less Pokémon, though-It just means you have more fun finding them! Now, instead of just tromping through grass, you can discover Pokémon in secret locations, rescue them from troubling situations, or receive them as special gifts!
  • Online Features - Reborn boasts fully functional online servers for battling against friends and randoms, singles, doubles, Field Effects of your choice, and friend-to-friend trading as well as time-delayed Wondertrades. The servers are not perfect, but most users will find them playable.
  • Better Shinies - Tired of having your favorite Pokémon's shiny look almost identical to its regular one? Reborn's shinies are fully customized and easier to find, at around 1.07% of encounters being shiny.
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