What kind of father doesn't let his daughter go out to beat up bad guys?!


Heather Molinar is the ambitious and reckless daughter of Corey.

In the gameEdit

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Heather is first encountered at Malchous Forest, where she grows frustrated with the player for beating her to Team Meteor. She laments her overbearing father, and admits she suspects his behavior could be punishment for her similarities to her mother. She commands the player to leave the Beryl Ward's PULSE Machine for her, and leaves on her Salamence.

Heather swoops into the clearing that holds the Beryl Ward's PULSE just as the player has begun to confront ZEL, Taka, and a mysterious agent. She maintains her bravado throughout the encounter- "I'm stopping you evil people, duh!" Heather argues strongly with the newcomer, and is left to battle them as the player battles Taka and ZEL. After defeating Zel and Taka, as well as Heather defeating the mysterious agent, the 3 flee before being captured.

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This scene only takes place if all 5 Policemen are found

After a fierce battle between her Salamence and the agent's Crobat, the agent attempts to follow Taka and ZEL's lead and flee, but is stopped by the police force. They unmask the agent and reveal his identity, none other than Heather's father, Corey. This is an emotional blow for Heather, who assumed her father was a much worse person than she had thought, and she takes off to deal with it.

After running away knowing her father's suicide, Heather is found watching the player and Cain at the graveyard, before declaring that she doesn't need any help and flying towards the Lapis Ward. Heather is found at Shelly's gym, where after feeling like she was being ganged up on, leaves. She is then taken by Dr. Sigmund Connal to the orphanage because she is underage and has no legal guardian. After she is rescued from the orphanage, the group of runaways make their way to the Chrysolia Region, where Heather flies off and gets chased after by Cain. Heather finds a place at Ametrine City with an individual named Blake, who becomes her guardian. Although Blake is for Team Meteor and withholds the city's food, Heather secretly hands it out to the citizens and becomes known as the "Guardian Angel". However, Blake eventually finds out and jails her in a shack on top of Ametrine Mountain. She is later rescued by Shelly and the main character (and Cal if you decide to give Blake the ruby ring). Heather then takes to the skies in order to prevent Team Meteor from allowing Blake to escape. After a hard-fought battle, Cal snatches the ruby ring from Blake and gives it to Heather while Blake escapes. Once the battle is over, Heather and Shelly go back to Ametrine City to pass out the food to the civilians.

Heather is later discovered to be one of Reborn's Elite Four, having inherited it from her mother after passing some unknown qualifier.

Pokémon Edit

The only Pokemon known so far is her Salamence.


Trainer sprite VS sprite Overworld sprite

Trivia Edit

  • Ametrine citizens call her Guardian Angel for secretly providing them food.
  • Her best and only friend is Shelly.
  • Heather's name is a play on the word "Feather"

-Heather replaced her mother in the Elite Four after her death.

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