Hail is a weather condition. It can be summoned by the move Hail for five turns (8 is the user is holding an Icy Rock) or the ability Snow Warning .

In battle effect Edit

  • Non-Ice-type Pokémon will be damaged for 1/16 of their maximum HP, except during the semi-invulnerability turn before executing Dig or Dive or if the Pokémon has the ability Magic Guard.
  • The move Solar Beam will have its power halved.
  • The move Blizzard will never miss.
  • The moves Synthesis and Moonlight will only heal 1/4 of the user´s maximum HP.

Abilities affected by Hail Edit

  • Attacks targeted to Pokémon with Snow Cloak will have their accuracy modified by a factor of 4/5 (80% if accuracy is normally 100%).
  • Pokémon with Ice Body will be healed for 1/16 of their maximum HP.

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