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A Gym Leader is the highest-ranking member of a Pokémon gym. They are battled to make sure that a trainer is ready for the Pokémon League. If a trainer beats a Gym Leader in battle, they earn the Gym's respective badge. Reborn has 18 gym leaders, one for each type, along with various backup leaders.


Name Type
Julia Electric
Florinia Grass
Shelly Bug
Shade Ghost
Aya Poison
Serra Ice
Noel Normal
Radomus Psychic
Luna Dark
Samson Fighting
Charlotte Fire
Terra Ground
Ciel Flying
Adrienn Fairy
Titania Steel
Amaria Water
Hardy Rock
Saphira Dragon

Reserve Leaders

  • Victoria is the Reserve Fighting-type Gym Leader.
  • Sandy is the Reserve Ground-type Gym Leader.
  • Samson used to be the Reserve Fighting-type Gym Leader.

Former Leaders

  • Corey and Cain are former Poison-type Gym Leaders.
  • Kiki was a former Fighting-type Gym Leader.
  • Blake is a former Ice-type Gym Leader.
  • Cal is a former Fire-type Gym Leader.
  • Caroline and Monty, parents of Charlotte and Saphira, were the former Fire- and Dragon-type Gym Leaders.


  • Fern was the Reserve Grass-type Gym Leader in previous versions. He is no longer so in Episode 19.
    • After the events of the postgame, Fern replaces Florinia as the Grass-type Gym Leader and sets up a gym in Neoteric Isle, as shown in his postgame credits scene.
  • According to Elias, whenever Caroline and Monty were bored, they would switch gyms and types without informing anyone.
  • In Another Time, Titania and Luna were promoted to the Elite Four. Charlotte became the new temporary Ice-type gym leader after Serra's resignation, and resolved to be the permanent Fire-, Ice-, and Fairy-type Gym Leader all at once.

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