The Glass Workstation is a Team Meteor Base, located on Route 4.

In the game Edit

After the player meets with the remaining group of resistance in Calcenon city, being Florinia, Hardy, and Titania (only in the Reshiram route), Hardy and the player traverse through the route 4 mountain area via the use of TM Rock Climb. After navigating your way to the south western area of the mountain range, the player and Hardy locate the Glass Workshop, the supposed Team Meteor base that is responsible for the sleeping spell put over Agate City.

Glass Harder than Steel Edit

When Hardy and the player locate the glass factory, they attempt to find a way in via the shed, however to no avail. Going back outside, Hardy tries to brute-force his way in by sending out his Gigalith and commanding it to use earthquake to shatter the glass. This however, seemed to only break a single panel of glass, which leads to the building's elevator shaft. When the player and Hardy decent and enter an elevator, Bennett reveals himself. With evident maturity development, he explains how this was was a trap that the two perfectly fell into- it was intentionally set up so that the only glass that would break would be the one that leads to the elevator shaft. Now that the player and hardy are funnelled into a small area, they are both rendered unconscious by the same means as the sleeping spell over Agate City.

A Final Reunion Edit

If the player gave the ruby ring to Blake, Aster will be found on the second floor, in the same room as Anna and Noel. After interacting with him, he opens up the human capsule he is next to, to reveal the life-less body of Eclipse. After battling the player, he finally comes to terms with her death, and now seeks for redemption, finally giving the player access to the shiny charm located in Eclipse's room in Calcenon City.

Like Mothims to a Lampent Edit

When the player enters the central chamber which holds the PULSE: Hypno, they are greeted by ZEL (or just Zero now) as well as Bennett. Bennett explains how each member of the resistance were pulled apart and lured in one by one to this area- first, they had abducted Laura, which had prompted the twins Anna and Noel to go look for her. The disappearance of Anna and Noel then prompted Cain and Shelly to make their way here. Finally, now the player has been drawn in. Zero then reveals Cain and Shelly, who are being mind controlled by the PULSE: Hypno, and commands them to battle the player in a double battle.

Mystery Entities Edit

After the player defeats Cain and Shelly, Zero takes a different approach of subduing the player- using the PULSE: Hypno directly. The player is then rendered unconscious. Following that, there is pure darkness, and chunks of broken text that make near-no coherent sense appear. The player then is thrown into a single battle against a mystery opponent. Note the player's pokemon ARE fully healed for this battle. After the mystery opponent is defeated, more lines of broken text appear, followed by a double battle against two more mystery opponents. For this battle, the player's pokemon will be healed and cured of status, BUT NOT REVIVED (think as if a full restore is used on all of your pokemon). After this battle, the 'gauntlet run' comes to an end, signified by more broken text, after which the player wakes up in a void-like area.

Wandering in the Void Edit

The player will wake up in a black, void-like area with stars around, as if in space. There is a visible path that the player must follow in order to progress. As the player follows this path, characters appear and disappear along with text, some as previously stated words for invoke memory, some giving more background knowledge on characters. These things appear in the chronological order of the story (train station, Julia, etc). While wandering in the void, there are a few characters you can talk to, such as Cain, who appears multiple times, seeming to not be a figment of the player's memory, but rather his actual conscious self, as shown as him asking 'Hey, {Player} is that actually you?'. Another character to note is Gossip Gardevoir, who talks about her love for her master, Radomous. After getting through the entire story up until that point, Luna appears, walking up to player and telling them that 'this is enough', and opening a path which the player can take into the light, and out of the void.

An Unexpected Reunion Edit

After the player leaves the void, they are brought back to consciousness in the real world, in room with the PULSE: Hypno, or rather, the room that had contained the PULSE. The entire center of the room, including the PULSE, is completely destroyed. The player is greeted by a surprised Elias and Serra, as well as an unconscious Shelly. Elias reveals himself to actually be Radomous in one of his costumes. He and Serra then go on to explain their side of the story, and what happened after the player was attacked by the PULSE: Hypno.

Puzzle Edit

The puzzle for the area is quite straightforward, but can be tricky to navigate. After Hardy is knocked unconscious, and the player is left by themselves, Lumi's glaceon asks the player to follow them. After entering the heart of the glass workshop, glaceon begins to follow the player. After breaking into a control area with meteor grunts, the player and glaceon free Evelyn's Espeon. With the help of glaceon and espeon, the player can now navigate the glass factory.

When following the player, glaceon has the ability to freeze over molten glass to create a traversable walkway, as well as the ability to create a bridge of ice over broken rails. If the player interacts with glaceon, it can use heal bell, which cures any status ailments on your pokemon. When following the player, Espeon has the ability to move blocks of glass around (interact with the glass, then use the right-left-up-down keys to slide the glass over). If the player interacts with espeon, it can use future sight, which creates a very vague idea of where the glass should go and what the next step is.

If glaceon is currently following you, and the player interacts with espeon, they will switch places so that espeon now follows the player and glaceon sits down, and vice-versa. The player can also tell glaceon/espeon to 'wait here', which makes them stop following the player and wait in an area. In addition, neither espeon nor glaceon can travel up stairways.

In order to fully traverse the area, the player must also use TM Rock Smash to break into control areas (just use rock smash on any dark blue wall glass you see). In addition, the player will eventually gain access to the building's elevator. It should be noted that glaceon and espeon CAN follow the player up the elevator- in fact, this is necessary for being able to progress.

Trainers Edit

Trainer Pokémon
Meteorace m
Meteor Ace Geoff
563MS Cofagrigus Lv.81
No item
689MS Barbaracle Lv.80
No item
477MS Dusknoir Lv.80
No item
Meteorace m
Meteor Ace Bruno
059MS Arcanine Lv.79
No item
310MS Manectric Lv.80
No item
508MS Stoutland Lv.81
No item
Meteorace m
Meteor Ace Ray
020AMS Raticate Lv.81
No item
673MS Gogoat Lv.81
No item
400MS Bibarel Lv.81
No item
Meteorace m
Meteor Ace Devin
521f Unfezant Lv.80
No item
338MS Solrock Lv.81
No item
589MS Escavalier/ Lv.81
No item
076AMS Golem Lv.82
No item

Trivia Edit

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