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Flower Garden
Flower Garden
Stage 2
Flower Garden 0.png

Seeds line the field.

In Stage 1, Flower Garden has the following effects:

Abilities Affected

Moves Affected

  • Rototiller’s stat-changing effect is amplified, and will additionally boost the Attack and Special Attack of the user (in addition to or regardless of their typing)
  • Growth’s stat-changing effect is doubled
  • Nature Power becomes Growth
  • Camouflage changes the user's type to Grass
  • Secret Power may lower evasion

Transitions to other Field Effects

Moves that will grow this field to Stage 2

Move Type Category Accuracy Power PP
Flower Shield Fairy Status -% - 10 Max 16
Growth Normal Status -% - 40 Max 64
Rain Dance Water Status -% - 5 Max 8
Rototiller Ground Status -% - 10 Max 16
Sunny Day Fire Status -% - 5 Max 8
Water Sport Water Status -% - 15 Max 24
Bloom Doom Grass Physical -% Varies 1 Max 1
Bloom Doom Grass Special -% Varies 1 Max 1

Abilities that will grow this field to Stage 2 on switch in


The Synthetic Seed boosts Special Defense, applies Ingrain to the user and grows the field by one stage.

Flower Garden
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