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Flower Garden
Stage 1

Seeds line the field.

Flower Garden is one of the Field Effects. It cannot be found anywhere in the game as of Episode 18. As its effect are altered from stage to stage, it has been split up into multiple articles to make the effects of each more clear.

Transitions between stages

Moves that will grow the field by one stage

Move Type Category Accuracy Power PP
Flower Shield Fairy Status -% - 10 Max 16
Growth Normal Status -% - 40 Max 64
Rain Dance Water Status -% - 5 Max 8
Rototiller Ground Status -% - 10 Max 16
Sunny Day Fire Status -% - 5 Max 8
Water Sport Water Status -% - 15 Max 24
Bloom Doom Grass Physical -% Varies 1 Max 1
Bloom Doom Grass Special -% Varies 1 Max 1

Abilities that will grow the field by one stage on switch in

Other moves

  • Cut will reduce the field by one stage
  • Acid Downpour will reduce the field to Stage 1


The Synthetic Seed boosts Special Defense and applies Ingrain to the user.

Flower Garden
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