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Field Effects are a battle mechanic introduced in Pokémon Reborn.

Though previous games incorporated the environment of a battle in some aspects, such as in the moves Camouflage and Nature Power, as well as the more recent Terrain moves and Natural Objects, Field Effects take this concept much further, allowing for much more use and strategies.

There are currently 37 released Field Effects as of Episode 18. Most Field Effects can be summoned by certain moves or combinations of moves, but a number require a certain location. A select few are essentially unalterable, as Field Effects summoned by moves often dissipate after a certain number of turns.

Field Notes

Information on each Field Effect is included in the Field Notes section of the Pokegear. These Field Notes are scattered throughout the game and are mainly acquired by finding and picking up the read-outs (which appear as green Poke Balls) as well talking to specific NPCs.

Field Effects
Electric TerrainGrassy TerrainMisty TerrainPsychic TerrainDark Crystal CavernChess Board
Big Top ArenaBurning FieldSwamp FieldRainbow FieldCorrosive FieldCorrosive Mist Field
Desert FieldIcy FieldRocky FieldForest FieldSuper-heated FieldFactory FieldShort-circuit Field
WastelandAshen BeachWater SurfaceUnderwaterCaveGlitch FieldCrystal Cavern
Murkwater SurfaceMountainSnowy MountainHoly FieldMirror ArenaFairy Tale Field
Dragon's DenFlower Garden (1 2 3 4 5) • Starlight ArenaNew WorldInverse Field


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  • Electric Terrain - After leaving Mosswater Factory, Florinia will give you both the Field Notes app for the Pokegear and the Field Notes for Electric Terrain
  • Grassy Terrain - Talk to the scientist east of the Pikachu House on Route 1
  • Misty Terrain - Go to Coral Ward, head into the 1st building and talk to the girl. Answer all 3 of her questions correctly to receive the field notes
  • Psychic Terrain - Head to Chrysolia Forest, on the east side there is a tree you can touch to make it vanish. Head through the path to the Lost Railcave. Keep going through the door which is closest to a rock to end up in a room containing the field notes
  • Dark Crystal Cavern - In Iolia Valley, progress through the puzzle using the Crystal Key until you obtain the Amethyst Key. Backtrack to the 1st ice bridge and take the north-east path. Activate the purple crystal inside and take the new path. In the last room will be the field notes
  • Chess Board - Vanhanen Labyrinth
  • Big Top Arena - In the Agate Circus, play the High Striker until you win a Poké Doll. Give the doll to the kid on the south-east bench
  • Burning Field - Towards the end of Route 4, in the middle next to the campfire
  • Swamp Field - On the east side of Azurine Island
  • Rainbow Field - After defeating Julia, talk to the man in the middle of the Grand Hall
  • Corrosive Field - Beryl Library
  • Corrosive Mist Field - Inside Beryl Gym, the location depends on if you found all the lost police officers from Jasper Ward Police Station. It will either be given by the Police Chief by the door or it will be in Corey's room
  • Desert Field - 3rd floor of Onyx Trainer's School. Go up the stairs and go to the west side. Talk to the student next to the plant pot, this will open up the 3rd floor. Go upstairs and the field notes are on the table.
  • Icy Field - On Route 1, open up the path to the west of the Pikachu House. Go into the cave and into Celestinine Mountain B2F. The field notes are in the centre of the ice puzzle next to the Ice Rock (used for evolving Eevee)
  • Rocky Field - Route 2
  • Forest Field - In Jasper Ward, 1st building east of the Pokemon Centre
  • Super-heated Field - Bottom floor of Pyrous Mountain
  • Factory Field - Talk to the scientist outside Blacksteam Factory
  • Short-circuit Field - In the south-west corner of Citrine Mountain (entrance is opposite to the Abandoned Power Plant)
  • Wasteland - In the Byxbysion Wasteland, to the right of the first accessible building, close to Kiki's gravestone
  • Ashen Beach - In the Apophyll Academy courtyard, go into the north-east room and give the guy a Protein (can be purchased from the 5th floor of the Obsidia Department Store
  • Water Surface - Upstairs balcony in Fiore Mansion
  • Underwater - In Azurine Lake. Surf south-east from Apophyll Beach and head to the top of Azurine Island. Go north and to the left will be a small 2x2 dive spot between some rocks. Dive and enter the house to the left
  • Cave - After smashing the path leading to Chrysolia Forest and Tanzan Mountain with the train, head back to where the train started and take the new path south then west. Break the wall with Rock Smash and follow the path. Go down both sets of stairs and in the north-west corner, next to a train, will be another breakable wall. Break it and inside will be the field notes
  • Glitch Field - Go into the first accessible house in Ametrine City and interact with the computer
  • Crystal Cavern - In the caves underneath the Grand Stairway, head into the room with all the ledges and take the 4th path. Enter the room and you will be greeted with "The crystals glitter with fissures...". This means you need to destroy the field. This can be done by using either Magnitude, Earthquake, Bulldoze, or Tectonic Rage twice in the same battle (you can also wait for the wild Pokémon to use them). After the field is destroyed, the field notes will be accessible
  • Murkwater Surface - Water Treatment Center in the south-east corner of the first room
  • Mountain - In Beryl Cave, Rock Climb the wall in the first room to end up on Teknite Ridge. Head north into the cave to find the field notes. This room is also where the Larvesta Special Encounter takes place
  • Snowy Mountain - After defeating the PULSE Avalugg, head southeast and into the water. Surf around and in the southwest corner, you will find a large dive spot. The field notes are in the southeast corner
  • Holy Field - After obtaining the Sanctum Key from the Klefki Sidequest, head into the north-east building in 7th Street to access the Subseven Sanctum. When you get to the labyrinth, go left and and unlock the door in the western wall. Inside will be the field notes as well as Dark Material for the Deino Special Encounter
  • Mirror Arena - Upstairs in Voclain Estate (Serra's gym) in Spinel Town
  • Fairy Tale Field - In the Renovated Coral Ward, talk to the girl in the 1st building to the left (the same one who gave you the Misty Terrain notes). She will have 6 new questions and if you get them all correct, you will be rewarded with the field notes
  • Dragon's Den - In the tower in Once Upon a Waste of Time, to the left of the vines
  • Flower Garden - Surf west across Tanzan Cove and enter the cave. Rock Climb down the mountain and follow the path to the end. The field notes are at the end as well as the entrance to the Larvitar Special Encounter
  • Starlight Arena - ???
  • New World - In the north-west room of Beryl Library. Interact with the books in the following order: green, red, purple, yellow, blue, white
  • Inverse Field - In the same area as the Solosis Special Encounter.