Prosperitas, Pax Pacis, Obsequium. Blessings of the Lord Arceus upon your house.
Elias Hazel, referred to as El, is a member of the Elite Four of the Reborn region, as well as a priest who claims to be the biological father of Luna.

In the gameEdit

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El first appears at Spinel Gym, arriving there as Serra is explaining Luna's backstory to the player - he introduces himself as a servant of the Lord Arceus, telling Serra that he has come in search of his daughter, with Bennett immediately guessing that he means Luna. He claims that Luna has strayed away from the light into darkness, and as such ran away from her father.

After battling Bennett, El commends his diligence and states Bennett has the potential to obtain a position in the Elite Four. After the player beats Serra, El leaves the gym with Bennett to further discuss Luna's whereabouts. Bennett tells El that she mentioned Vanhanen Castle, to which he calls whoever owns it an offhand remark. He then questions if Luna still had the Emerald Brooch that he supposedly had given her, to which he says she did. After the conversation ends, El brings Bennett along to help assist him, to which Bennett accompanies him to not give up his opportunity at something greater.


First BattleEdit

El is battled in a Crystal Cavern in a Single Battle format and he has two Full Heals. If the player sides with Radomus, this fight must be won in order to advance the plot - if the player sides with El, however, the plot advances regardless of the result.

Citae Arc-d'Astrae Aerie
Normal Unknown
Held item:
Bag Leftovers Sprite Leftovers
Arceus Lv.75
Normal Status
Normal Special
Shadow Ball
Ghost Special
Focus Blast
Fighting Special
HP Atk Def SpA SpD Spe IVs
0 0 0 0 0 0 10

Quotes Edit

  • "Thou defiest me; thou defiest the Lord." -After defeat in Citae Arc-d'Astrae Aerie.
Pre-battle speech
Post-battle speech (Victory)

I trust my power is now demonstrated.

Yet, you elected to side with me; I will show you the Lord's mercy.

However, for the others...

[Radomus]: I think that's about enough.

Hm. Yes, you shall recieve the devine punishment next.

[Radomus]: On the contrary- it's my move now.

[Radomus]: Gardevoir! If you can hear me, wherever you are...

[Radomus]: ...Teleport, now.

[Gardevoir]: Ta-daaa!

What... How...

[Adrienn]: A-ah... So that's the real Gardevoir.

[Gardevoir]: At your service~ Miss me?

[Radomus]: Dearly. But we're not done yet. Gardevoir- Hypnosis attack.

[Gardevoir]: Yeees, master!

W-what are you-...

[Gardevoir]: Good night! Mwah!

Post-battle speech (Defeat)

As but a false idol, it cannot hope to mimick the true Lord's power...


Trainer sprite VS sprite Overworld sprite

Trivia Edit

  • El's name is a variant of 'Ēl', meaning 'God' in Hebrew.
  • El's full name - Elias - could be a play on the word 'alias'. It could also be a reference to 'Elysium', the Ancient Greek afterlife for the heroic and righteous.
  • In El's diary, he claims that although he was born blind, he was gifted sight after receiving the Emerald Brooch from Solaris.

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