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Elias Hazel
Parson El
Alias El
First Appearance Spinel Gym
Age Middle Aged Adult
Gender Male
Eye color White
Hair color Platinum Blonde
Relatives Luna (biological daughter?)
Trainer class Parson
Specializes in Normal types

Prosperitas, Pax Pacis, Obsequium. Blessings of the Lord Arceus upon your house.

Elias Hazel, referred to as El, is a member of the Elite Four of the Reborn region, as well as a priest who claims to be the biological father of Luna.

El seems to be a humble holy person who praises the lord, but is in actuality fundamentalist who thinks he's has to be right. Despite how he treats Luna, El does care about her to some extent, although he doesn't really understand why she hates him.

In the game

El first appears at Spinel Gym, arriving there as Serra is explaining Luna's backstory to the player - he introduces himself as a servant of the Lord Arceus, telling Serra that he has come in search of his daughter, with Bennett immediately guessing that he means Luna. He claims that Luna has strayed away from the light into darkness, and as such ran away from her father.

After battling Bennett, El commends his diligence and states Bennett has the potential to obtain a position in the Elite Four. After the player beats Serra, El leaves the gym with Bennett to further discuss Luna's whereabouts. Bennett tells El that she mentioned Vanhanen Castle, to which he calls whoever owns it an offhand remark. He then questions if Luna still had the Emerald Brooch that he supposedly had given her, to which he says she did. After the conversation ends, El brings Bennett along to help assist him, to which Bennett accompanies him to not give up his opportunity at something greater.

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This article contains plot details about events that occur later in the game.

After Cain and the player battle at Vanhanen Castle Luna then receives a message saying how Gossip Gardevoir, who has been conspicuously missing since Radomus dismissed her and Luna earlier, has been captured by El who insist that his daughter is returned to him. Despite Radomus' proposal that the group should do nothing about this Cain angrily insist that they go after El and Gardevoir before leaving to do so. Radomus still has no intention of going of to save her however this changes when Luna asks him to find Gardevoir and as such he and the player follow Cain.

Eventually the Radomus, Cain and the player arrive at the Grand Gates, which have closed off access to Reborn City for over 10 years. El flees past one of the large gears beside the gates and deep underground into the same caverns found when Team Meteor blew up The Grand Stairway. The trio follow him until they reach a much more ample and fertile space full of sophisticated ruins and a large tower. Here the group run into Gossip Gardevoir along with a silver haired person names Adrienn. Gardevoir then steals the Amethyst Pendant from the player, which Randomus also seems to recognise, and flees with Adrienn and El up the Amethyst pathway in the central tower using said pendant. The trio then give chase using the Ruby Ring to enter the Ruby pathway (They also pick up Adrienn along the way as they are left behind by El and Gardevoir) however along the way Cain and The Player get suspicious of Radomus due to what Gardevoir and Adrienn had said prior.

Radomus, Cain, Adrienn and The Player all meet up with El at the entrance to the central tower where the four pathways converge in front of a gateway similar to the one Solaris was met at under the grand stairway when rescuing Victoria. El tells the group about how a meteorite housing Arceus' power is inside the tower and how he needs the 4 keys to open it. Radomus ridicules him for this and El then argues back with how he's 'Brainwashing' Luna and mistreating Gardevoir but Radomus remains apathetic to the whole situation. After a bit more dialogue the player has to side with Radomus or El and regardless of the choice the player makes Radomus exposes El's fakery with Gardevoir being revealed to be a ditto with Radomus expressing satisfaction or disappointment if they sided with or against him respectively. After this a battle with El ensues (A/N If they player choses to side with El then they don't have to win said battle but they do have to win if they side with Radomus). Afterwards El is knocked unconscious, Gardevoir reappears and the group return above ground only to find that the grand gates are now finally open.

Adrienn goes through the grand gates but seems to not recognise Reborn city. After some minor arguing Adrienn then returns to xer destroyed gym in the Coral Ward and the group follow. Once they get there Radomus and Gardevoir realise Adrienn doesn't recognise Reborn city as xey have been frozen in time for nearly 10 years. They determine the reason they were all unaffected is because of the Ruby Ring and the Amethyst Pendant acting as 'barriers' to the cause of the instability in time. After some more dialogue and Adrienn proclaiming xey will fix the city the rest of the group, which consist of Cain, Radomus, Gardevoir and The Player, will return to Vanhanen Castle, either together or alone, for the player's battle with Radomus.

Upon returning to the Castle Luna is ecstatic that Gardevoir has returned. Soon afterwards El is somewhat comically revealed in a butlers outfit under the name of 'Elias' and hands the Amethyst Pendant over to Radomus, who keeps a hold of it for now. However the appearance of El makes Luna uncomfortable along with raising suspicion in Cain and The Player as to what El had said about Radomus' 'Brainwashing' may have been in fact true. Due to her discomfort Luna leaves the main room to wait for gym challenge to begin. After this the player then challenges Radomus to a gym battle.

After beating Radomus, Luna informs the player of how they will battle in Iolia Valley before the power cuts out. The Player then leaves the gym but is captured by El, who is now free of his brainwashing/hypnosis, along with some team meteor grunts. Cain finds out that El is part of the Elite Four and buys time for the player to escape. The Player then escapes Vanhanen Castle with the help of Radomus, who is disguised as a Meteor grunt at this point. Before the player leaves Radomus is able to inform The player that Luna has been kidnapped and is most likely somewhere in 7th Street below the Lapis Ward.

After the player goes to 7th Street and finds Bennett, he leads the player into Subseven Sanctum, where he is tricked by Bennett and El and caged up. After the player manages to sneak and maneuver their way around the guards and solve the biblical gate code, Luna is found before El can begin their ritual to forget all about Radomus, with Cain being held as a hostage by Bennett. However, Radomus and Gardevoir ambushed El and his disciples. Radomus saves Cain, Luna and The Player with Gardevoir's help but is unable to stop El taking Luna's Emerald Brooch, which is suspected to be the 4th and final key. El then escapes and is not seen again for some time.

El is mentioned by Bennett when he tells Laura that Elias created a false notice of termination, and then they hypnotized her to handwrite a letter of resignation. This led to Bennett taking over her position, which Bennett apologizes to her ask asks her to catch Zero before its too late.


First Battle

El is battled in a Crystal Cavern in a Single Battle format and he has two Full Heals. If the player sides with Radomus, this fight must be won in order to advance the plot - if the player sides with El, however, the plot advances regardless of the result.

Citae Arc-d'Astrae Aerie
Pokémon Dollar5400
Normal Unknown
Held item:
Bag Leftovers Sprite.png Leftovers
Arceus Lv.75
Normal Status
Normal Special
Shadow Ball
Ghost Special
Focus Blast
Fighting Special
HP Atk Def SpA SpD Spe IVs
0 0 0 0 0 0 0


  • "Thou defiest me; thou defiest the Lord." -After defeat in Citae Arc-d'Astrae Aerie.
Pre-battle speech

[El]: As I thought, the door to the innermost sanctum will not open without all four keys.

[El]: So, Adrienn, you failed to detain them.

[Adrienn]: I think there are some questions that need to be answered, El.

[El]: Questions... Answers...

[El]: Such meaningless words of humans.

[El]: This is a holy place.

[El]: This is not the place for trifles such as those.

[El]: Beyond this gate lies that from whose dreams our world unfolds.

[El]: Behold, o unworthy ones-- the birthplace of Arceus.

[El]: For it is known that the God of Pokémon did create unto the Earth all other species.

[El]: But wherefrom did the divine itself undertake its existence?

[El]: For it is known that Pokémon are often found on voyage from space beyond our reach.

[El]: Here, upon our Earth, did a meteor crash, bearing upon it our Lord.

[El]: Here, in this sanctum, doth that very meteor lie.

[El]: Yet, how vile it is that it should be buried so far beneath the filth known as Reborn City.

[El]: My Lord, I beg your forgiveness for humanity's sin. Ignosco, Venia, Defaeco...

[El]: And yet, what if the door would open for us?

[El]: What if Arceus could be born anew?

[El]: For what might we use its holy power?

[El]: But to cleanse this world and begin from pure innocence, once again.

[Radomus]: If anything can be said to be heretical, I believe you've just named it.

[El]: And what does a deceiver as you know of declaiming heresy?

[Radomus]: Isn't it ironic for you to say that with that Pokémon standing by your side?

[Gardevoir]: Radomus, I've had more than enough of your constant lying.

[Gardevoir]: Why don't you just admit what you did to poor Luna?!

[El]: That's right. Return Luna to me, and I'll return your Gardevoir.

[Adrienn]: If Gardevoir even wants to go back.

[Radomus]: If we're going to consider the wishes of those whose custody is questioned, let us not ignore Luna's adamant wish to remain with me.

[El]: Such a wish is born in falsehood. You control her mind to make her say such things!

[Radomus]: Really, what a foolish accusation.

[Gardevoir]: I know it's true though!

[Gardevoir]: I was there when you did it!

[Gardevoir]: Radomus, you are an awful monster!

[Gardevoir]: I've always hated being your Pokémon!

[Radomus]: How long are you going to keep this up?

[Cain]: Don't you even care about your Pokémon's feelings, Radomus?

[Adrienn]: I'll second that question. You really don't seem affected by her words at all.

[Radomus]: A Pokémon like that?

[Radomus]: Why should I care?

[Gardevoir]: Oh! He says such cruel things!

[Gardevoir]: Adrienn, please protect me from him!

[Cain]: I don't want to believe it, but maybe Radomus really did brainwash Luna...

[El]: He is a callous and two-faced swine who has no moral compass.

[Radomus]: Better no compass at all than one that points south, El.

[Adrienn]: One of the best measures of a person's worth is how they treat those in their power.

[Adrienn]: Your Gardevoir truly seems to resent you, Radomus.

[Adrienn]: I cannot agree that she should be returned to you.

[Adrienn]: And I think you would do well to release the spell on Luna as well.

[Radomus]: Well, I'm sorry you feel that way, Adrienn.

[Adrienn]: The way you say that, it's not an apology at all.

[Adrienn]: Are you really that cold-hearted?

[Radomus]: Perhaps it is better judged by those who met Gardevoir with Luna.

[Cain]: You mean you're asking whose side we're taking?

[Radomus]: If you choose to view it that way.

[Cain]: I don't know.

[Cain]: You don't seem to care at all about Gardevoir, and you certainly didn't react when she was taken.

[Cain]: You made jokes instead.

[Cain]: On the other hand, Luna really seems to want to stay with you, but that could just be a trick.

[Cain]: Ugh... I don't get it at all.

[Cain]: <player>, what do you think?

[Cain]: Should we side with El, or with Radomus?

Side with El

[Cain]: Yeah. That definitely makes most sense, considering what Gardevoir says about him.

[Cain]: It's his own Pokémon, after all.

[Radomus]: Hm... You still can't tell?

[Radomus]: I'm disappointed, <player>.

[Radomus]: I had thought you might have been able to tell the difference, since you met her before.

[Adrienn]: What are you talking about?

[Radomus]: <player>, Cain, aren't there any differences between how Gardevoir acted with me, than how she acts with El?

[Cain]: She said that's just because she was putting on a facade the whole time though.

[Radomus]: Ah, that could be the case.

[Radomus]: Or it could be because that's not my Gardevoir.

[Radomus]: Isn't it, El?

[Cain]: Huh?

[Adrienn]: What? But she said...

[El]: So you knew all along, did you?

{Gardevoir turns into Ditto}

[Adrienn]: Wait, that's--

[Cain]: She was a Ditto all along?!

[Radomus]: Unlike the riddles in this ruin's towers, light and truth do not always go hand-in-hand.

[Radomus]: As I'm sure our friend Adrienn can attest to, things aren't that black or white.

[Radomus]: Sometimes, light can be even more blinding than darkness.

[Radomus]: And I, for one, think it would have been silly to be taken in by the dramatic confession of a false Pokémon.

[Radomus]: That's why I was uninterested.

[El]: You are as obstinate as ever, Radomus.

[El]: But it is ironic that you would mention blindness.

[El]: Look into my eyes.

[Cain]: Hm? They're white.

[Cain]: Wait, do you mean to say that you're blind?

[El]: Not anymore, but I once was.

[El]: Yet no sooner did I undertake a prayer to the Lord Arceus did he bless me with my vision.

[El]: I have followed his name ever since.

[El]: Now, I will deign to borrow his power.

[El]: Can you feel it? The holy energy that charges this place? It emanates from the stone of Arceus.

[El]: Ditto.

[El]: Embrace the Lord's blessing.

[El]: Take the energy into thyself! Opprimo Oppressi Oppressum!

{Ditto turns into Arceus}

[El]: Aduro, Creo, Iudex... Mei Divinitus!

[El]: We will silence the heretics!

[El]: Let judgment rain down upon thee!

[El]: In thy qualms, a new light awakens. Let it be thus revealed!

Side with Radomus

[Cain]: All right. I'll trust you on that one, <player>.

[Radomus]: Very good.

[Radomus]: I am relieved that I am not the only one to whom this charade is transparent.

[Adrienn]: Charade? What are you talking about?

[Radomus]: Isn't your reason for remaining with El the accusations of my Gardevoir?

[Radomus]: However, you've never met her.

[Adrienn]: But, she's right there.

[Adrienn]: She's been talking all along.

[Radomus]: Is she, really?

[Radomus]: El?

{Gardevoir turns into Ditto}

[Adrienn]: ...What?

[Cain]: It was a Ditto this whole time?!

[Radomus]: Unlike the riddles in this ruin's towers, light and truth do not always go hand-in-hand.

[Radomus]: As I'm sure our friend Adrienn can attest to, things aren't that black or white.

[Radomus]: Sometimes, light can be even more blinding than darkness.

[Radomus]: And I, for one, think it would have been silly to be taken in by the dramatic confession of a false Pokémon.

[Radomus]: That's why I was uninterested.

[El]: You are as obstinate as ever, Radomus.

[El]: But it is ironic that you would mention blindness.

[El]: Look into my eyes.

[Cain]: They're white. Wait...

[Cain]: Do you mean to say that you're blind?

[El]: Not anymore, but I once was.

[El]: Yet no sooner did I undertake a prayer to the Lord Arceus did he bless me with my vision.

[El]: I have followed his name ever since.

[El]: Now, I will deign to borrow his power once more.

[El]: Can you feel it? The holy energy that charges this place? It emanates from the stone of Arceus.

[El]: ...Ditto.

[El]: Embrace the Lord's blessing.

[El]: Take the energy into thyself! Opprimo Oppressi Oppressum!

{Ditto turns into Arceus}

[El]: Aduro, Creo, Iudex... Mei Divinitus!

[El]: We will silence the heretics!

[El]: Let judgment rain down upon thee! In thy qualms, a new light awakens. Let it be thus revealed!

Post-battle speech (If you beat El)

[El]: As but a false idol, it cannot hope to mimic the true Lord's power...

[Radomus]: Is that all, then?

[Cain]: Wait, so if that was Ditto, then where is the real Gardevoir?

[Radomus]: Where, indeed?

[Radomus]: It looks like it's my move now.

[Radomus]: Gardevoir!

[Radomus]:Teleport, now.

{Gardevoir teleports}

[Gardevoir]: Ta-daaa!

[Adrienn]: So that's the real Gardevoir...

[Gardevoir]: At your service~ Miss me?

[Radomus]: Dearly. But we're not done yet.

[Radomus]: Gardevoir, Hypnosis attack.

[Gardevoir]: Yeees, Master!

[Gardevoir]: Good night! Mwah!

{El falls asleep}

[Gardevoir]: It's a One-Hit KO!

Post-battle speech (If you sided with El and lose to him)

[El]: I trust my power is now demonstrated.

[El]: Yet, you elected to side with me; I will show you the Lord's mercy.

[El]: However, for the others...

[Radomus]: I think that's about enough.

[El]: Hm. Yes, you shall recieve the devine punishment next.

[Radomus]: On the contrary- it's my move now.

[Radomus]: Gardevoir! If you can hear me, wherever you are...

[Radomus]: ...Teleport, now.

{Gardevoir teleports}

[Gardevoir]: Ta-daaa!

[El]: What... How...

[Adrienn]: A-ah... So that's the real Gardevoir.

[Gardevoir]: At your service~ Miss me?

[Radomus]: Dearly. But we're not done yet. Gardevoir- Hypnosis attack.

[Gardevoir]: Yeees, master!

[El]: W-what are you-...

[Gardevoir]: Good night! Mwah!

{El falls asleep}

[Gardevoir]: It's a One-Hit KO!

Journal Entry

El's journal at Subseven Sanctum

Place faith in the Lord, and so shall he in you. Please animosity upon the Lord, and so shall he upon you. This lesson is not an easy one to learn. Some will never fully grasp it. Many will only pretend to. Today, I would like to share with you the story of how I came to learn this.

I was born to the purpose of Arceus, but I was born blind. Growing up as a boy with no sight in a world like this is no easy task, but of course, I learned to take care of myself. For some time, that was the only thing I could be proud of. My family was an old one, back from the days when Reborn City was no more than a village around a crater, both of which are since lost underground. When first Arceus' birthplace crashed upon our world, one family set about enshrining it. They would protect it from the world, so that its purity might remain ever intact. This was their life's calling. And this was not my family.

Mine came years later, and, finding light in their purpose, swore to serve that family. So it came to be that each generation of my house served theirs. Until it came to me, a defective blind child, who would do more harm than good as a servant. The man to whom I should have been sworn was born some ten years after me. His name was Solaris. He was a raucous youth, never quite satisfied with his life's charge of protecting an old monument. As I understood, for most of his life he resented this purpose, lashing out, as many of the youth do, against Arceus.

I could't understand his feelings. Why, I asked myself, if Arceus is so great, should he have made me this way? Why did I have to suffer? Why did I have to serve? As it turned out, Solaris would be the one to show me the answer. A failed vassal, I dared not approach him, and thought our fathers were close, mine never allowed me to see the young master as I was growing up. It was not until I was well into a miserable adulthood that we first met.

Solaris knew me, of course. He knew my family was due by lineage to serve his, and he had heard of the blind man, whom others had deemed unfit for his presence. And, as he did with all things, he rebelled. He offered his hand to me. I took it with an oath of servitude. This was not a chance I should have been given. So, I pushed myself as hard as I could to try and have value to my master. But both of us were lordless, lawless men. He had no purpose to serve but fighting his own, and we found common ground therein.

Nevertheless, Arceus would reach us eventually. For many years, Solaris questioned, "Just what does the meteor need to be protected from?" It was already locked up with the four crystal keys. And who would want to defile some old rock anyway? This was a lesson he learned the heard way, when his parents were both killed by as assailant seeking those very keys. The young master was too late to save them, but just in time to avenge them. So he bludgeoned the man who had claimed the keys until his arms were too battered to hold on to them anymore. And until his lips were too loose to keep secrets. "Why?!", Solaris cried, over and over.

The assailant would tell him rumors he had never believed, of a great power locked within the meteor, lying dormant for years. Whether it was true or not, the thief believed it, and so he grasped at it. "Why?!". Solaris continued to cry.

And so he said, on and on until daybreak, trashing against the culprit's body for long after there was any soul still there to know it. He was no longer asking anyone other than himself. Why had he refused to listen to his parents? Why had he not seen the danger they were in? Why could he not save them? And believing that he had led to the death of his own parents. For the first time, he strode forward to meet his life's purpose. The Lord will punish those who lack faith. This is what is to be learned from Solaris' tale. My own awakening came a number of years later.

When my master walked the path of the Lord, so naturally did I have to as well. I would follow my friend, but in regards to faith, my service was half-hearted. Solaris recognized this, and one day he confronted me about it. After some discussion, he offered the Emerald Key he should have himself vanguarded with his life, in return for my faith. He wished for me, not just to serve him, but to personally share his burden. I accepted this, and resolved to place every ounce of my trust in the Lord, and my friend.

When I awoke the next morning, the key was still clutched tightly against my chest, I was assaulted by a phenomenon I had never experienced before. Lights, dazzling colors, shapes so blurred I could scarcely recognize the forms I was so used to navigate around otherwise. Sight. Words cannot describe the feelings of seeing my Master's face for the first time. Or that seeing my own face. That of finally being able to really understood what worlds like 'golden' and 'light' meant. Before they were just dreams, but I knew that the Lord-- and my trust in him-- had made it real. The Lord will reward those with true faith.

It has been many years since then. I am constantly assaulted with sorrow and worry for the sake of my daughter, and for his son both. I do not wish them to receive any punishment as my friend did. I wish them both all the blessings of the Lord they have turned from. I fear, too, for each of you. Though less so, than for each of the heretics above. The city's miserable state is no doubt a result of it divergence from the Lord. Therefore, I implore you. Please trust in Arceus. Please, guide others to trust in Arceus. Under the Lord's light, may we all see bright futures.

Thank you.


Trainer sprite VS sprite Overworld sprite


  • El's name is a variant of 'Ēl', meaning 'God' in Hebrew.
    • El's full name - Elias - could be a play on the word 'alias'. It could also be a reference to 'Elysium', the Ancient Greek afterlife for the heroic and righteous.
  • In El's diary, he claims that although he was born blind, he was gifted sight after receiving the Emerald Brooch from Solaris, who he met when they were younger. He later gives the brooch to his daughter, Luna.
  • During the online league, El would apparently stop people from having a crush on Luna. In the game, he does this to Bennet. [1]

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