This quest starts in route 3, after you defeat Aster and Ecipse, she will start helping you and telling you stuff until her soul is consumed by Sirius Chandelure, after that continue the story as normal and reach Calcenon City, proceed into this house.

After going in talk to the person in there, he'll mention his daughter Eclipse whose real name is Caitlyn, you will then mention that you saw Eclipse to which he will ask you how she's been after you tell him that she is dead he will call you a liar.

Refusing Blake Edit

After that continue the story as normal until you reach a point where Blake asks you to give him the Ruby Ring for the HM Waterfall, If you choose to refuse him to get to complete this sidequest earlier, after that just before your fight with blake before he rides on a helicopter Aster will appear and will tell you he will give you the HM Waterfall if you win against him.

After defeating him he will give you the HM and say about how Team Meteor has been bad and that it's a mess.

Accepting Blakes Offer Edit

If you didn't choose to refuse him and instead gave him the Ruby Ring for the HM Waterfall you can still complete the sidequest by eventually in the story reaching the Glass Factory and getting to the room where you get the Meteor Card he will be in front of one of the beds, interact with him and battle him.

After defeating Aster he will give you the Meteor Card that if you had refused Blake would be sitting on a table just above.

After Asters Battle Edit

After returning to Calcenon City go back to talk to Eclipses Dad, as soon as you enter his home it should automatically start a conversation between him and Aster which is there out of his uniform, Aster had just delviered Eclypse to him which will be resting in a bed in her room in the back, the dad will apologize for not believing you before and will tell you you can visit her anytime you like.

By going to her room you can get a Shiny Charm.

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