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If you wish to slay a dragon…


Dragon’s Den is a Field Effect that was released with Episode 16. It appears constantly in The Belly of the Beast.

The Field Notes for Dragon's Den can be found in Never After.

General Effects

  • Dragon-type moves double in base power
  • Fire-type moves increase in base power to 1.5x
  • Water and Ice type moves decrease in base power to 0.5x

Abilities Affected

  • Multiscale will remove all weaknesses of the bearer relating to the Dragon type (Dragon, Ice, and Fairy). If the bearer is a dual-type that would be doubly weak to a type (e.g. a Flying/Dragon to an Ice move, a Dark/Dragon to a Fairy move), they will only take 2x damage rather than 4x
  • Magma Armor increases the bearer’s Defense and Special Defense when they are sent into battle, and will defend the bearer from Fire attacks
  • Marvel Scale is automatically activated

Moves Affected

Transitions to other Field Effects

This Field Effect will transform into a Cave after one use of Glaciate, Subzero Slammer or Hydro Vortex, or two uses of Surf, Muddy Water, Sparkling Aria or Oceanic Operetta.


The Elemental Seed boosts Special Attack and applies Flash Fire boost to the user.

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