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The field is rife with sand.


Desert Field is one of the field effects. It appears in sandy areas like the Tourmaline Desert and is the setting of Florinia’s gym battle. Unlike most other field effects, it cannot be summoned by any means, whether by transforming another field or by some combination of moves, nor can it be transformed or terminated by any permanent means.

The Field Notes for Desert Field can be found in Onyx Trainer's School.

General Effects

Abilities Affected

Moves Affected

Moves with a 1.5x increase in base power

The desert strengthened the attack!

Move Type Category Accuracy Power PP
Heat Wave Fire Special 90% 95 10 Max 16
Needle Arm Grass Physical 100% 60 15 Max 24
Pin Missile Bug Physical 95% 25 20 Max 32
Dig Ground Physical 100% 80 10 Max 16
Sand Tomb Ground Physical 85% 35 15 Max 24
Thousand Waves Ground Physical 100% 90 10 Max 16
Burn Up Fire Special 100% 130 5 Max 8
Searing Sunraze Smash Steel Physical —% 200 1 Max 1

Other Moves


The Telluric Seed boosts Defense, Special Defense and Speed but applies Sand Tomb to the user.

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