Available in EP18: Void-Kissed

You must gather 3 Dark Materials and 1 Soul Candle

You can buy a Soul Candle in 7th Street from the vendor in the South-West Corner for 2000

The 3 Dark Materials are found by exploring:

  • There is a Dark Material in Lunas Gym behind Luna, requires Rock Climb
  • There is a Dark Material in the Subseven Sanctum behind locked doors, see Sanctum Key Sidequest
  • There is a Dark Material in Iolia Valley, up the waterfall near the entrance requires you to Rock Smash through a wall

After getting all the materials head to the center of Subseven Sanctum and interact with the Star in the middle (where Luna was chained to before) the Soul Candle and Dark Materials will start resonating and you will get the Deino Special Encounter, it will be Lvl 30. Be sure to save before you interact with the star because the Deino has Roar and can potentially remove your chances of getting one.

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