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Corrosive mist settles on the field!


Corrosive Mist Field is one of the Field Effects. It appears in the gym battle with Corey on the police found route

Transitions from other Field Effects

A Misty Field will transform into this terrain if Smog, Clear Smog, Poison Gas or Acid Downpour are used twice.

General Effects

Abilities Affected

Moves Affected

Moves that increase in base power to 1.5x

Other Moves

Transitions to other Field Effects

Gravity will transform this field into a Corrosive Field.


The following moves will blow away the Corrosive Mist and terminate this effect:

Move Type Category Accuracy Power PP
Razor Wind Normal Special 100% 80 10 Max 16
Tailwind Flying Status —% 15 Max 24
Hurricane Flying Special 70% 110 10 Max 16
Defog Flying Status —% 20 Max 32
Whirlwind Flying Status —% 15 Max 24
Gust Flying Special 100% 40 35 Max 56
Twister Dragon Special 100% 40 20 Max 32
Supersonic Skystrike Flying Physical —% 1 Max 1
Supersonic Skystrike Flying Special —% 1 Max 1


The following moves will ignite the Corrosive Mist and cause an explosion, terminating the field effect as well as KOing all active Pokémon :

Move Type Category Accuracy Power PP
Eruption Fire Special 100% Varies 5 Max 8
Lava Plume Fire Special 100% 80 15 Max 24
Heat Wave Fire Special 100% 95 10 Max 16
Flame Burst Fire Special 100% 70 15 Max 24
Incinerate Fire Special 100% 60 15 Max 24
Searing Shot Fire Special 100% 100 5 Max 8
Fire Pledge Fire Special 100% 80 10 Max 16
Mind Blown Fire Special 100% 150 5 Max 8
Self-Destruct Normal Physical 100% 200 5 Max 8
Explosion Normal Physical 100% 200 5 Max 8
Inferno Overdrive Fire Physical —% 1 Max 1
Inferno Overdrive Fire Special —% 1 Max 1

Pokémon using Endure, or having Sturdy may survive the combustion with 1 HP from full health.

Pokémon behind protect moves including Wide Guard, or that have the ability Flash Fire are immune to the combustion damage.

Pokémon using moves that leave them in a semi-invulnerable turn (such as Fly, Dig, etc) avoid combustion damage when applicable.


The Elemental Seed boosts Attack and Sp.Atk and badly poisons the user

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