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Coral Ward
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South Obsidia Ward
Coral Ward

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Interactive Map Location of Coral Ward in Reborn.

The Coral Ward formerly a prosperous fishing location, the Coral Ward dwindled in prosperity as more and more toxins were emptied into the water, eventually leaving it a near-ghost town. The water is so polluted that most Pokémon can't even touch it. The Coral Ward is the fourth ward you will pass through in your journey through the Reborn region.

Battles here take place under a Misty Field.

Places of interest


On the northernmost dock of the town is a mysterious woman mulling over how to rescue a Popplio stranded in the toxic water. Cain shows up and introduces the player to the woman, named Amaria, and takes it upon himself to rescue the Popplio with his Grimer, battling the player to help soothe its jitters.


In the Apartment building there will be a blind girl who will give you a quiz. She will ask the following questions:

  1. How many trees can you headbutt by the Grand Hall?
  2. How many satellite dishes are there in the Obsidia Ward?
  3. How many banners and ribbons are there inside Peridot's Gym?

If you answer 4,7, and 31, she will update your Pokegear with information on Misty Fields.

After city restoration, she will ask you another set of questions:

  1. How many individual train cars are there in the Byxbysion Wasteland?
  2. How many buildings total are in Ametrine City?
  3. How many Pikachu are usually inside his house?
  4. How many satellite dishes are there in all of Spinel Town?
  5. How many bookshelves are there in a all of Apophyll Academy?
  6. How many treed are there in all of Chrysolia Forest?!

Answer 15, 30, 23, 0, 42, and any number, and she will give the Field Effect Read-Out for Fairy Tale Field.


After obtaining the Warehouse Key from the Obsidia Ward, the lower storage unit by the docks can be opened, revealing the true Day Care Couple. They give the player their heartfelt thanks and tell them they are welcome at their Day Care any time.


Item Location
Potion Potion Rock on the right near the Coral Stairway at Shantyport Street (Hidden)
Field Notes Field Notes from Lass inside the apartments at Shantyport Street after answering her quiz
Ultra Potion Ultra Potion Rock left the apartments at Shantyport Street and 10th Street intersection (Hidden)
Repel Repel Rock under the Pokémon Center at Faeward street (Hidden)
Purple Shard Purple Shard Space 2 spots down and 1 spot right from the warehouse door by the docks at Greycast Street (Hidden)
Chewing Gum Chewing Gum Box by the docks at Greycast Street (Hidden)
Aspear Berry Aspear Berry Rock between the 2 warehouses right side of Greycast Street (Hidden)
Oval Charm Oval Charm Inside the middle warehouse at Greycast Street, Warehouse Key needed


  Pokémon     Location     Levels     Rate  
088.png Grimer
Old Rod Fishing
Old Rod
12-20 100%
088.png Grimer
Good Rod Fishing
Good Rod
37-45 60%
089.png Muk
Good Rod Fishing
Good Rod
40-50 20%
690.png Skrelp
Good Rod Fishing
Good Rod
35-43 20%
Event Pokémon
270.png Lotad
Event Event
15 One
300.png Skitty
Event Event
20 One
325.png Spoink
Event Event
15 One
440.png Happiny
Event Event
10 One

Pokémon Events and Sidequests

Lotad Event

During rain, a Lotad will appear on the docks.

Skitty Event

In the house to the left of the Pokémon Center, a young boy frets over a Skitty that has taken a rough fall. He's certain he can help it himself, even without the Pokémon Center, but his grandmother knows he needs something like an Ultra Potion to help. If the player has one in their bag, they can give it to the boy and let him heal Skitty himself. He still worries about what would happen if he just let it go out into the wild again, so, exasperated, his grandmother asks if the player would be willing to look after it for them. The Skitty will know one of the Egg Moves Wish, Sucker Punch or Zen Headbutt.

Spoink Sidequest

After encountering the Spoink in the Obsidia Ward on a clear day, the Spoink will run to the storage unit southwest of Pokémon Center and hide in one of the boxes.

Happiny Sidequest

The Warehouse Key also unlocks the storage unit south of the Pokémon Center. After the Day Care Couple have been released, a Team Meteor Grunt will appear, counting up the Pokémon stolen from the Day Care. The Grunt notices the player and complains about their constant interference, but chooses to escape rather than confront the player, their task completed. With the Grunt gone, the player can make their way to the back of the storage unit, where a lost Happiny has ended up.


Trainer Pokémon
Fisherman Wade
Fisherman Wade
Reward: Pokémon Dollar 160
088.png Grimer Lv.14
No item
088.png Grimer Lv.14
No item
771.png Pyukumuku Lv.20
No item

Pretty Boy
Coral Ward
Pokémon Dollar462
088 1.png
Poison Dark
Poison Touch
Held item:
Grimer Lv.16
Normal Status
Dark Physical
Normal Status
Acid Spray
Poison Special
Ground Unknown
Rock Head or Lightning Rod
Held item:
Cubone Lv.16
Bone Club
Ground Physical
Tail Whip
Normal Status
Normal Status
Normal Physical
Water Unknown
Held item:
Popplio Lv.16
Aqua Jet
Water Physical
Icy Wind
Ice Special
Baby-Doll Eyes
Fairy Status
Disarming Voice
Fairy Special
Poison Unknown
Held item:
Nidorino Lv.20
Poison Sting
Poison Physical
Focus Energy
Normal Status
Fury Attack
Normal Physical
Double Kick
Fighting Physical

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