The cave echoes dully…


Cave is one of the Field Effects. As expected, it appears in any location that resembles a cave, including the Underground Railnet and caves located in the Rhodocrine Jungle.

Transitions from other terrainsEdit

A Dark Crystal Cavern or a Crystal Cavern will transform into a Cave if Earthquake, Bulldoze, Magnitude or Tectonic Rage are used.

General EffectsEdit

  • Ground type moves can hit airborne Pokémon
  • Rock type moves increase in base power by 1.5
  • Flying type moves that do not make contact decrease in base power by 0.5x
  • Sound-based moves increase in base power by 1.5x

Quake CollapseEdit

Bits of rock fell from the crumbling ceiling! (first use)

The quake collapsed the ceiling! (second use)

After two uses of Earthquake, Magnitude, Bulldoze, Tectonic Rage or Continental Crush the cave will collapse. All Pokémon on the field will lose all of their HP, save for the following conditions:

  • Pokémon with Bulletproof or Rock Head are all immune to the cave collapse.
  • Pokémon behind Protect, Spiky Shield or Wide Guard are immune to the collapse
  • Pokémon with Battle Armor or Shell Armor will only lose 50% of their max HP from the collapse.
  • Pokémon with Solid Rock or Prism Armor only lose 33% of their max HP from the collapse.
  • Pokémon with Sturdy may be left with 1 HP if their HP was full at the time of the collapse.
  • Pokémon that used Endure successfully on the turn the quake was caused will be left with 1 HP.
  • Pokemon using moves that leave them in a semi-invulnerable turn (such as Dive, Dig, etc) avoid collapse damage when applicable

Moves AffectedEdit

Transitions to other terrainsEdit

Power Gem and Diamond Storm transform this terrain into a Crystal Cavern.


The Telluric Seed boosts Defense and damages the user with Stealth Rocks

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