The field is ablaze!


Burning Field is one of the Field Effects.

Transitions from other Field EffectsEdit

It can be summoned by combining Fire Pledge and Grass Pledge.

A Forest Field, Grassy Field, Superheated Field, or Flower Garden will transform into this terrain in the absence of rain or Water Sport if any of these moves are used:

General EffectsEdit

  • No Pokémon can be frozen

The blaze amplified the attack!

  • Fire type moves from grounded Pokémon increase in base power by 1.5x
  • Grass type moves against grounded Pokémon decrease in base power by 0.5x
  • Ice type moves decrease in base power by 0.5x

Blazing FieldEdit

The blazing field causes each non fire type Pokémon on it to take type-scaling Fire damage at the end of each turn, similar to Stealth Rock. Pokémon in an Aqua Ring are immune to the damage.

Abilities that make the bearer immune to the Blazing FieldEdit

Abilities that make the bearer take 2x damage from the Blazing FieldEdit

Abilities AffectedEdit

Moves AffectedEdit

Transitions to other Field EffectsEdit

The following moves will terminate this terrain:


The Elemental Seed boosts Sp.Atk, Atk, and Speed and applies Fire Spin to the user

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