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Beryl Cave is located north of Beryl Ward.

In the game

The cave is accessible after you get Rock Smash (you need to beat the required gym to activate it however). It will be very dark, but you can navigate it without Flash. Go through the cave to access a different part of Rhodocrine Jungle. You can later came here with Rock Climb to go to Teknite Ridge.

Special Encounters

A New Owner

When you go through the cave, you’ll see a Nidorina in one of the cages. Open the cage with one of the switches to open it. Show it the Silver Ring from Beryl Gym and it will go with you. If you check the summary of Nidorina, it says the original trainer was Corey.


Beryl Cave

  Pokémon     Location     Levels     Rate  
bulbapedia:Bunnelby Bunnelby
Cave Cave
28-33 15%
bulbapedia:Diggersby Diggersby
Cave Cave
31-35 1%
bulbapedia:Scatterbug Scatterbug
Cave Cave
28-34 30%
bulbapedia:Spewpa Spewpa
Cave Cave
30-33 4%
bulbapedia:Vivillon Vivillon
Cave Cave
31-35 1%
bulbapedia:Noibat Noibat
Cave Cave
28-35 15%
bulbapedia:Morelull Morelull
Cave Cave
28-33 30%
bulbapedia:Shiinotic Shiinotic
Cave Cave
30-33 4%
Special Pokémon
bulbapedia:Nidorina Nidorina
Silver Ring Silver Ring
28 one


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