Beedrill can be obtained fairly early in the game, once in Mr. Cepress's Garden located in the Lower Peridot Ward and by getting the encounter of a weedle, which evolves into Kakuna at LV. 6 and then into Beedrill at LV. 10. This is not the smartest move, because training takes quite a while. The alternative option is to first beat Juila's gym and wait for a rainy day or a thunderstorm. When one of these effects appears in the overworld head over to Grandview Station to encounter a Numel( you will need some PokeSnax in order to get it) once obtained complete Florinia's Gym and you will be appointed to help stop a crisis in the Jasper Ward. In the Jasper Ward there is a 10% encounter rate for a beedrill. If you picked up the Numel and use lava plume on it, it will be very easy to catch. If you didn't, and you picked a fire starter, that's just as good. If you don't have a fire type on your team that uses Special Attack, your in for a bit of a fight. The main reason anyone really pick this up is for the swords dance agility baton pass combo, and then the secondary toxic spikes, pursuit combo.

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