Ash and sand line the field.


Ashen Beach is one of the Field Effects. It appears constantly on Apophyll Beach.

General EffectsEdit

Abilities AffectedEdit

Precision AbilitiesEdit

Pokémon with these abilities ignore changes in accuracy and evasion when attacking, unless the opponent has Unnerve.

Moves AffectedEdit

Moves that stir up ashEdit

The attack stirred up ash on the ground!

The stirred-up ash lowers the accuracy of all Pokémon on the field by one stage (unless they are using moves that leave them in a semi-invulnerable turn such as Fly, Dig, etc)..

Moves with amplified stat changesEdit

Moves with a 1.3x increase in base powerEdit

Moves with a 1.5x increase in base powerEdit

Moves with a 2x increase in base powerEdit

Other MovesEdit


The Telluric Seed boosts Critical Hit rate and applies Laser Focus to the user


  • This is the only Field Effect in which Nature Power will not become a damaging move.

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