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Alias Fantasia
First Appearance City Orphanage
Age 12
Gender Female
Eye color Red Violet
Hair color Cadet
Relatives Noel (twin brother)
Trainer class N/A
Specializes in Psychic types

If two stars fall, passing like ships in the night, do you think they would wish upon each other?

Anna is the twin sister of Noel.

Anna is usually very cheerful and is a bit of dreamer compared to his stoic twin brother Noel. She is very dethatched from reality at times and makes very cryptic observations about other people, which many don't seem to understand. However, Anna is very genuine with her observations, which can have a deeper meaning if you interpret it closely. Just like her brother Noel with his Cleffa doll, Anna carries around a Jirachi doll named Nostra (which she says they're real pokemon unlike what Noel says).

In the game

Anna is first encountered when the player initially enters the City Orphanage, where she introduces her twin brother Noel, as well as Charlotte, to the player.


Seen on the Interviews channel after obtaining the Eclipse Badge from Luna
Gossip Gardevoir's interview intermission!

Hello! Gossip Gardevoir here in Interview Intermission, bringing YOU the inside scoop on Reborn's celebrity figures!

Today I'm meeting with one of Reborn's strongest trainers!

She's big! She's bad-ass ! And she's set to tear you a new one--

ANNA: Hey! I'm not any of those things!

GARDEVOIR: Only joking! Everyone say hi to Anna!

ANNA: And Nostra! Don't forget her.

GARDEVOIR: Yes... Nostra too... Wouldn't want to forget her... Anyway! Anna, you may not be big or bad-ass, but if your rank is any indication, you sure know how to battle. Tell us, what's your secret? How can you be so talented at such a young age?

ANNA: Huh ? I'm not sure I understand the question... Because it doesn't matter how old you are as long as you're good at something, right? There are talented people who are old, so it only makes sense that there would be talented people who are also young.

GARDEVOIR: ...Surprisingly wise words! Or I guess we shouldn't be surprised by now. Tell us, how did you earn your position?

ANNA: Oh, Mr.Shadow recommended me for it and Nostra helped me beat all the competition! I owe it to all to my friends!

GARDEVOIR: A Shadow and a doll... Right... Well, your talent certainly is undeniable.

ANNA: Miss, have we met before?

GARDEVOIR: ...I'm sorry, what?

ANNA: I think we met before. Nostra thinks so too.

GARDEVOIR: Well, it's only natural that I should seem familiar! I am, after all, a celebrity.

ANNA: Oh, you are? That's so cool! I thought you were just a random Gardevoir who wanted to talk.

GARDEVOIR: I--You... haven't heard of me?

ANNA: Nu-uh.

GARDEVOIR: ...That's all for today!


Trainer sprite VS sprite Overworld sprite


  • Anna's name is a word play on 'Arcana'.
    • Her other name, 'Fantasia', was based on a memory from Amethyst's school and a name suggestion for Anna when she was being created. [1]
  • During the online league, Anna and Noel would argue over their dolls, which is also made apparent in-game. [2]

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