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Ametrine City
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Ametrine City, located near the peak of Ametrine Mountain, was formerly host to the Reborn League's Ice gym under Blake, until he retired the title for unknown reasons.

Ametrine is also the location of the first PULSE machine, the history of which was recorded in Lumina's Diary.

In the game

The player first has access to Ametrine City after defeating the PULSE Avalugg inside Ametrine Mountain. After meeting up with Shelly, she will look around the city for news about Heather. During the inspection, the player will meet Blake for the first time.

When Blake knows that the player has the Ruby Ring, he will steal away the ring and escape to the mountains. The player will have to solve the puzzle inside his apartment in order to rescue Heather then later team up with Cal and Shelly to chase Blake.

Places of interest

Lumina and Evelyn's House

When the player and Shelly inspect the city, they will come across an abandoned house. Inside is a beta version of a PULSE machine and a diary that belongs to one of the house's owners.

Lumina's Diary
First Entry
Dear Diary,

Now Mama has gotten very sick too...

We moved to Ametrine to get away from the polluted city, but the doctor says it may already be too late. I don't want her to leave me like papa did... Please, please, please don't let her go...

Second Entry
Dear Diary,

Mama is with Papa now after all. Evelynn and I are all alone now... She's doing her best to take care of us, and the city is helping as much as they can, but it's still really tough...

I don't want to be alone...

Third Entry
Dear Diary,

I have bad news...

Evelynn called the doctor...and he says that I've developed the same  disease that mama had...

We knew it ran in the family,  but nobody thought it would happen so soon...

Diary, I'm really scared...

The doctor says I still have at least a few years...but I don't want to die that young....

I don't want to go... I'm not ready to face Mama and Papa yet...

Fourth Entry
Dear Diary,

I feel so guilty. Evelynn has been worried sick about me...

She's been staying up all night, always reading and researching to see if there's anything that could be a cure.

I'm really glad that she cares about me so much but I don't want her to push herself too far. What if she gets sick too?

Maybe it would be better if I died sooner. I would be less of a burden on Eve that way...

Fifth Entry
Dear Diary,

Evelynn has been working herself to the bone... She's building some kind of machine that she says will enhance the healing powers of Pokémon.

She says that if she can amplify her Pokémon's healing potential, maybe it could cure my disease too.

Eve has always been really smart, but if something like that is possible...I would be so happy!

If anyone can do it, she can. I'm so afraid to hope, but I can't help it.

Maybe I have a chance after all. Maybe I'll be writing to you for a very long time, Diary.

Sixth Entry
Dear Diary,

I'm scared. Today, a man dressed in black showed up at our house. He said that he had heard of the machine my sister was making, and he wanted to use it for his organization... Evelynn was going to refuse, but... I'm so stupid... I got in the way and he used me as a hostage against her...

Now poor Evelynn has to do whatever he says otherwise he says he'll kill me.

Why is it that every time I hope things can be okay, they go horribly wrong?

The handwriting changes and appears unsteady after this entry

Final Entry
Dear Diary,

I'm sorry. This is going to be my last entry.

It's really, really bizarre, but there was an accident with Eve's machine.

She was applying the finishing touches for a test run and something went wrong.

Because of the machine's energy, the Magneton she was testing it on accidentally evolved during the test... and then because of the evolution the machine went haywire...

Oh... did you know, Diary, that when Magneton evolves, its three parts fuse into one?

...I don't know how it happened, but...the machine transferred that energy into everyone who was nearby...And when Magneton emerged a Magnezone...

I was looking at my own body...Like it was a mirror or something...

And I could hear Eve's voice and that man's voice, and they wouldn't stop. They still don't stop. It seems... the machine's energy accidentally fused the three of our consciousness's into one body.

I don't know what's going to happen to Evelynn and I-- our bodies, that is...They might die without us...

But it seems that we're going to have to leave... I hate this. I hate this so much... But it's stupid.

I got what I wanted.

I won't die...

...and I'll never be alone.


Ametrine Mountain

Main article: Ametrine Mountain

Glitch Bug

In the house next to the Pokemon Center, there is a person claiming to be the system administrator but is struggling to deal with unknown viruses found in the computer. The administrator requests the player to help him clear the viruses. He will award the player a Department Store Sticker after finishing.

Lost Necklace

Lost necklace quest location1.png

After the woman who lost her necklace is done blocking your way up the mountain side. She will return to her home. She will talk to the player saying she could not find it and making a new one is incredibly inconvenient. then she will look at your inventory and will request the Floral Charm you have in your possession. Give it to her and she will reward you a Mega Stone, Banettite.

Show Me Pidove

the boy in the apartment building will ask to see a Pidove. trade the child your Pidove and he will reward you with an Old Amber. then he will wrongfully claim his Pidove will evolve into a Staraptor.

Pidove quest.jpg

Blake's Apartment

After encountering Blake inside Lumina and Evelyn's house, the player has access to Blake's apartment. When Blake knows that the player has the Ruby Ring, he will steal away the ring and escape to the mountains. The player then has to solve the puzzle to unlock the path to rescuing Heather.

The player will first have to get the following items before they are able to use the computer inside the room:

  • The head of a key inside the trash can.
  • The handle of a key inside the drawer.
  • The program disc inside the game console.
  • A power cable inside the cabinet (requires key).

After assembling the computer the player can enter the password 5083164 to unlock the path.

Riolu Egg Event

After talking to one of the old men in the city, the player will be able to find a Lucario on the roof of one of the buildings. Go back and talk to the old man again, and he will tell the player that that Lucario has been abandoned by his trainer. Head to the cliff-side near the entrance of the cave. Then, head back to the old man and go up to the mountain. There, the player can battle the Lucario. Defeat the Lucario and it will gift the player an egg and a Fairy Memory.

Pokemon Pariah
Pokemon Pariah
Ametrine City
Pokémon Dollar0
Fighting Steel
Held item:
Bag Sitrus Berry Sprite.png Sitrus Berry
Lucario Lv.85
Extreme Speed
Normal Physical
Meteor Mash
Steel Physical
Swords Dance
Normal Status
Close Combat
Fighting Physical
HP Atk Def SpA SpD Spe IVs
0 0 0 0 0 0 10

Special Encounters



  Pokémon     Location     Levels     Rate  
Morning Day Night
037A.png Vulpix
Grass Grass
55-62 20%
164.png Noctowl
Grass Grass
57-65 0% 0% 10%
221.png Piloswine
Grass Grass
55-62 10%
359.png Absol
Grass Grass
70-75 0% 1% 1%
424.png Ambipom
Grass Grass
55-60 5% 5% 0%
459.png Snover
Grass Grass
57-67 20%
460.png Abomasnow
Grass Grass
52-62 5% 5% 0%
583.png Vanillish
Grass Grass
55-62 4%
614.png Beartic
Grass Grass
55-65 10%
676.png Furfrou
Grass Grass
59-66, 70-75 5%
712.png Bergmite
Grass Grass
52-62 10%
780.png Drampa
Grass Grass
55-60 10%
780.png Drampa
Grass Grass
70-75 1% 0% 0%
Special Pokémon
447.png Riolu
Egg Egg
1 One


Item Location
Field Notes.png Field Notes From the glitching computer found on the house east of an Old Man
24px TM46 (Thief) Below the ice skating ring
24px Old Amber Reward for trading Pidove to the boy on the 2nd floor by the eastern side of the city
24px Banettite Reward for finishing the Lost Necklace quest
24px Flying Memory Behind Blake's Apartment inside the shed
24px Fairy Memory Given by Lucario after beating it


Trainer Pokémon
MIS5NGNO 4B 8 4 8
MIS5NGNO 4B 8 4 8
Reward: Pokémon Dollar276
047.png Parasect Lv.F
Held icon.png 68
80px 051 Lv.Dugtrio
Held icon.png M
Reward: Pokémon Dollar276
070.png Weepinbell Lv.M
Held icon.png 68
80px 055 Lv.Golduck
Held icon.png M
Reward: Pokémon Dollar828
114.png Tangela Lv.M
Held icon.png 68
80px 018 Lv.Pidgeot
Held icon.png M
80px None Lv.135
Held icon.png Jolteon


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